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Well, another miracle was preformed while Mither was here to force me to accomplish things help me out.

Remember this?

Yeah. That was October 11.


The stupid door finally got repainted.

Took about 10 minutes and one sample sized paint can that cost $5.00.

No. I don’t know why it took me so long to do it, except to say I just couldn’t decide on a color. I love red, but the neighbors across the street have a red door and I didn’t want to be a copy cat.

Yet, I really do love mine, now.


I have to give Mither a lot of the credit. She pushed me into going ahead and doing it. OK, she stood over me until it was done. OKAY! She helped me!

Er, maybe I helped her, whatev.

I really like it.

Do you think it’s turquoise because we’re Messicans?

John says I’m “Mexican by injection”. 😉

Today I ran up to the Breast Imaging place right here in Dickinson and… imaged my breasts.  Those machines were “invented” by a man.

I rode up there with Lisa and her grandmother, Mimi.  Mimi and I had appointments as Lisa already had her boobs squished a month or so ago.  I tried to get her to do it again with us, saying things like, “Come on!  All the cool kids are doing it!  It’ll be fun!”

She thought not.  And I got a fresh reminder of why shortly thereafter.

You know it’s really not the squished boob that was so bad, (speaking for myself here), it didn’t bother me too much.  It’s that the machine is so uncomfortable everywhere else.  Digging into my ribs and shoulder and arm like that.  Is it really necessary?  I was thinking, as I held my breath for the nice little lady to click the damn film already, that if they just put some padding on the edges and corners of the deal and moved the stupid plastic shield that my face was pressed up against to a remote corner of the earth… well, I might find my way back there before another three years have lapsed as they did this time.

I know!  I know!  That’s no excuse, it’s true!  There really isn’t any excuse and I was happy that my girls looked good on film.  I’ll get the official results in 7 to 10 days.

And it’s over with for another year!

John is off today but he had to run up to the store for a bit to take care of the possible firing of one of the slackers up there.  The caregiver provider person is coming at 3:00 today instead of the usual 11:00 AM, so that worked out well.  When he gets back, my honey and I are going out to eat!  Woo-Hoo!

There is also a bizarre laundry list of things to do:

The ever-present grocery store run

Dash over to the barn to pay our LAST month’s rent on the paddock that we rent for the horses that are being sold.  Woo-Hoo! (Yes, again.)

dry cleaners

Vet’s office to leave flier for somebody to buy that colt.

Sherwin Williams store here in town to pick up the winner can of paint that I decided on for the front door.

It hasn’t rained in for freakin ever and was the perfect weather for painting something outside.  It started raining today and is unbelievably humid, now.  Of course.  I know I should use oil base paint and primer because it’s on my front door, yet, I HATE, let me say it again, HATE painting with that shit.  It’s not the paint that’s so bad as the clean up. The door gets no direct sunlight or weather on it.

Yes.  I will be doing it latex style.

Well, gang, that’s the update from chez Lopez.

The front door…from the outside.

Hello there.  I would like to start out by clarifying one thing:

When I paint the door, it will only be the outside.  The inside is in great condition and there is absolutely no reason to paint it.  The outside, however, is not so good.  I will take a picture and show you, my speculative intertubers.

Here it is all peeling and weather beaten.  Not to mention the chick that lives here needs to sweep the porch, but she’s a slacker and let’s not discuss that now.

Purrrza wants in and is TRYING to be patient while I snap stupid pictures!  She thinks, “Damn I wish she’d paint this ugly door!  I’m embarrassed to live here and all the neighborhood cats think I’m low maintenance.  BUT I’M NOT!  If I flatten my ears back a little bit more she’ll know I’m really pissed and mean business.  GET THIS *&%$#! DOOR OPEN!”

Purrrza: Oh Gawd!  The stupid dog, now… what more must I put up with?  How come she’s inside and I’m out here?

Baby: Momma!  How come Purrrza is outside and I don’t get to come out?  MOM, what are you doing?


OK, Kissy is here too now Mom and she wants out too… I’m telling you, you don’t want us to call the union!

And lastly, just because it’s hanging on my porch and I was out there anyway I took a picture of this plaque that my brother and sister-in-law gave to John and I a few years ago for Christmas.  Does anyone recognize the quote and know from where it came?

Well, here I sit… nothing better to do.  Yeah, right!  Thanksgiving Day and Kes is slaving away in the kitchen while I sit in my bedroom worming out a post!  Heh heh, evil genius that I am.

To be perfectly fair I was up early getting stuff going and done and when she got up she went immediately over to The Boyfriend’s house for a little bit to help HIM with some things he was preparing for his family.  I am kinda beaming with pride about that.  Not her helping him, (that’s a given), but him doing a ham and getting the turkey started.  He came back over here a few minutes ago to borrow a pan.  Makes me just SMILE.

I guess you’d have to see him to understand how strange it seems for him to do anything this domestic.  He’s 6’2″ 280lbs of aaaaall muscle.  He played football when he was in high school and still has the build.

Funny looking with a pot holder and spatula.   I should try to get him in an apron and get a picture.

Anyway, the countdown has begun and John’s family is about to descend on us here in a few hours.  This year I delegated.  But I was careful!  In recent years the nephew and his girlfriend wanted to do the turkey and I was just going to do a ham.  They showed up with a bird that still made “gobble gobble” noises when poked.  I think they said something like, “Oh we cooked it a looooong time!  Almost two hours!”  Woo-hoo! 🙂

And then there was the time one of the nieces said she’d do the mashed potatoes.  I thought that’s simple, no recipe required, right?  She showed up with a pot of the potatoes and said she just drained them and was going to mash them here.  I took off the lid and she had peeled and boiled 7 or 8 baking potatoes.  WHOLE.  I kid you not.  Sure enough, when I cut into one it was a tad crunchy about an inch and a half in.  A tad, hell, it was raw.  I didn’t say anything, just got the hot water on them and put them back on to boil, but, who ever heard of boiling whole potatoes to make mashed potatoes?  Strange family.

Now, just sit back and watch.  I have stepped out on a limb and said that dumb shit and about half my readers, (yes, both of you), are going to respond and say that they have always made mashed potatoes that way and I’m crazy.  Not to mention, offensive.

I’m Sorry.

Switching gears here, I got the glass in my front door fixed and I am soooo excited to have it done!  After thanksgiving I am going to paint it!  Yes! Yes I am!

Here are pictures to further illustrate the point that it is indeed fixed and it looks really good now!

Here the lady that is going to fix it and her husband has removed the glass and they are outside… doing something.  Not sure what at this point.  You can see the molding that was holding it in over in the corner.

Here they are tracing around the glass on a piece of plywood to cut out and tack up so the possums don’t come in and live with us over night.

God bless ‘um.

And yes, here is the lovely piece of plywood with a horde of angry possums petitioning to get in on the other side of the door.  Trust me.

Here is the finished product the next day when she brought it back and put it back in with fresh caulk.

And, (Yes, it’s the same door.  I don’t know why it looks so light colored.  I guess my flash was too bright.), here we have a close up of the bottom where all the broken pieces were.  Lovely, huh?

Now.  I want everybody to have a wonderful Thanksgiving.  Even though I have bitched a lot, I do, in fact, realize that this entire household has tons to be thankful for.  I know I sure do!

More on the front door color…

Good news, well, for me, anyway!  Mither and Pop are coming to visit for a few days!  They are coming tomorrow and I really should be cleaning house right now.  I am going to have to get high behind here shortly.

Plus!  Nana will help me come to a firm decision about what color to paint the front door.  Here are more picture’s of paint swatches just to further confuse everybody.

I have been picking up more colors every time I run out with Lisa, (the friend who’s having remodeling work done and is spending a substantial amount of time at home improvement and paint stores).  We had lunch today while the caregiver provider was here with H and stopped at Sherwin Williams on the way home.  I’ll say one thing for the expensive paint people… they have bigger paint chips.  Home Depot’s are smaller and Walmart’s are even smaller.

Here are the ones on the other side of the door.

It’s beginning to look a little mosaicish on there.  Hummm,  Maybe I just need to tile the whole thing in different colors… 😉