Twenty-one, (That’s 21, people!), years ago today I married that man! I had to. He was begging me, and groveling!  Oh, the tears and wailing! He camped outside my window and sang serenades to me.

OK, that’s a lot of horseshit. Anyone who knows John, knows he can’t sing.

And, yes, the other bit about the begging and whatnot. It was pretty much a mutual decision. BUT, we’re both happy we made it and that’s what counts!

He woke me up this morning with gifts and I am totally thrilled with the new things. I… guess you could say I, “collect” wedding rings. I have several that I like to alternate and they are all very unique, not even necessarily wedding rings, just serve that purpose on that finger. He knows this and thinks I’m just quirky as opposed to nuts. I still haven’t told him he’s wrong. Please don’t spill the beans.

Aaaaaanyway, He got me a new ring from James Avery. I would show you a picture of it on my hand, but I don’t feel like getting the camera and downloading and cropping and adjusting lighting and all that crap. Besides, I need a manicure. So you are just going to have to deal with the links and know that I am wearing it right this minute. I love it. And he also got me a new dress I’d been eying at the mall. Maybe you’ll get a picture of that eventually. Maybe not. Remember- I’m nutz. 😉


The other day I was over here at Nicole’s and she had this fab looking recipe for Spaghetti Casserole. I printed it up and made it soon afterward.

It was De-lish! as Rachel Ray would say. It made a full sheet-cake pan and we were loving it! Not to mention we dig leftovers! Maybe not the next day, but the day after. However with this recipe we were all over it the next day. Lunch’s were done! Or, you could just put one half in the freezer before baking like she suggested, and make it in two square pans.

Anyway, you need this recipe. I said so. 😉

Next up, I’m going to make JennyMac’s Savory St. Patrick’s Day Potato Muffins!

That’s all I got, folks!