Hi. My name is Krissa…

HalfAsstic KrissaHalfAsstic.com is a fun outlet for me.  My husband and I live here in Dickinson, Texas with a rather full house.  We are the proud parents of two daughters, 20 and 19 and I attempt to operate them daily, without a helmet. There is also the inevitable… trail of food The Boyfriends. In addition we have two small dogs, a cat and a Sasha-Fierce.

I was the full-time caregiver for my elderly in-laws since 2004. Marcos died in 2006 and, Henrietta passed in July of 2010.

I am kind of a lost soul trying to figure out what to do with myself and what my identity is now. My life is exploding around me and one thing I know for sure is I like to blog. I have met some of my favorite people this way and while I flounder around, trying to figure out what to do next, I want to meet more.

Pull up a comfy chair and pour yourself a cup of coffee!

I hope I can entertain you a bit. Welcome to the HalfAsstic side of life!

If you want to email me, please do so. It’s halfasstic@gmail.com .

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