WTF! Before I post the real post, (yes, there IS one), I need to know what the devil is up with my Comment Luv. I have tried everything I know and visited, (that incredibly user unfriendly), website numerous times, googled it, prayed on it, harassed my brother over and over again, asked the dog, used UNACCEPTABLE language, etc.

Every single time I comment on another person’s post, it gives “Enter Godzilla” as my latest post. It is stuck there.

What does Comment Luv have against Mardi Gras, people? Why can’t it want people to be able to see that I have a newer post about me dancing with John and getting hit on by Elvis at Mardi Gras?

Does Comment Luv hate me?

Is it not a fan of Elvis?


If you have the answer to these, (or any other questions I might have in the future), PLEASE TELL ME!

I luv love you guys.