I have news of great import! OK, maybe not… but it’s at least good news!

First of all, I have been gone to Mither and Pop’s house and just got home on Tuesday. Mither is redoing her kitchen and finds the use of free slave labor, (me), mandatory. I will be going back again here soon. There will be painting of cabinets, new counter tops and we are going to tile the backsplash.

“It” says backsplash isn’t one word. If it’s not it should be, so I am making it one. And you were here to witness it, on this day in history, Saturday, August 21, 2010.

Now, glad that’s all cleared up.

The reason I came home before everything was done, (Aside from the fact that at this point it looks like we will never finish it.), is that for a good long while now, Angie Alley, over at Big Hair Envy, and I have been planning to get together after she and her husband, Scott, were done having their hearts ripped out enrolling and dropping their only child, Snow White, in college at Baylor. Baylor is in Waco, Texas and a mere 4 or so hours away. And after driving to Texas from Virginia, I’m guessing that’s a cake walk. So Angie and Scott made reservations in scenic Galveston and John and I drove down to meet them Thursday night for dinner and drinks. Bless their hearts! It was quite the emotional day for them! I can imagine how exhausted they must have been after going through orientation with Snow White and walking all over campus, moving her into her room and setting her all up, then having to leave her there. In addition to driving for another 4 hours to Galveston.

Meanwhile, I am sitting here at home, unable to contain myself.

I was so excited I could hardly stand it!

Yet, I did not pee myself!

Angie and Scott Alley

We met up with Angie and Scott at their hotel and proceeded to hug and “SQUEEEE!”, and all that happy crap.

*Disclaimer* OK, at this point I will be required by John and I think I can safely say, Scott, to tell you that they did not hug each other or “SQUEEE!”.

Whatev. They did the manly-man thing with the handshakes and then talked a lot of sports.

I think.

Angie and I were so busy chatting I didn’t really pay much attention to what they were saying.

We exchanged gifts, except there wasn’t an exchange. Wait. That doesn’t make sense… Right. You were expecting that.

Angie produced a gift bag with two Blogfest Tervis Tumblers from 2009 and 2010 for me that I am more proud of than you can imagine.

Blog Fest Tumblers

Blog Fest Tumblers

Also, my very own bag of Fiddler Crab Crap that the wondrous Noe Noe Girl made for all the 2010 attendees.

My life is now complete. The huge gaping hole that I thought could only be filled with shit like love and self respect is now gone and I can rest easy knowing I have Fiddler Crab Crap!Β  I am pretty sure the only way to get yours is to attend Blog Fest 2011! I am just incredibly fortunate in that I met Angie.


Fiddler Crab Crap

The really sad/bad part is that after all the waiting, all the excitement about seeing them, all the time I had to prepare, I went off and forgot the items I had gotten them at my house!

When I returned home I immediately took pictures of these and sent to Angie onΒ  her phone. I will get them off in the mail to her ASAP!

Please forgive the placement of the pictures in this post. I have fooled around with this damn thing for hours trying to get the damn pics and the damn words to go in the right damn places. Every time I hit save it reverts back to a damn mess.

I hate WordPress.

Glasses for Angie and Scott

Apparently I can only type in italics now…. *sigh* Have I mentioned how much I detest WordPress?

Anyway! I was about to tell you about the most valuable pic I took! The one of The Mysterious Buzzard Bucket.

The Mysterious Buzzard Bucket

I am bound by promises and secrets, but I can tell you this much:

  • It IS mysterious.
  • It was given to Angie by Grandma J.
  • It contains…. something mysterious.
  • If you want to see it in person I am sure it will be at Blog Fest 2011.
  • Why is it that when I choose to do bullet points THE DAMN THING REVERTS BACK TO NON ITALIC TYPE?
  • Damn.

Now! I get my regular old type back! All I had to do was bullet points to get it! Something useful to know with WORDPRESS!