Well, shit. Are you serious? That’s it? I laid my soul bare about my prejudices and radical views of limiting how many penis bearing boy children a person could have and…. wait a minute! That’s China! And it’s not boys, it’s girls! (Not to mention it was no time recently, but, whatever…)

And, really? I didn’t do that, though I considered it. Maybe that would get me some hate mail, ( or is that hate male? HAHAHA!), and then I would feel like a “real blogger”.  *sigh*

Oh well, I tried. Now I will have to blast God or something to get noticed… Shit. I really hate to tempt fate like that and can’t seem to find any steam to put behind it so I guess I will just pass.

OK, not to mention I don’t blast God for, like, anything.

Once again I am in bed and Jeopardy is on. We love that show. Ever since John got so sick with the congestive heart failure back in October, he has been too tired to watch it with me most of the time. It comes on at 11:35PM.

You know, it is the most bizarre thing. I mean to think it could happen to anybody! John was just going about his business one day and the next he had caught a virus that would ultimately infect his heart. We didn’t know that it would of course. But, it did and I can honestly say that I don’t remember when he got the “cold” that started this whole thing off. I just remember that he started coughing sometime during last September and he hasn’t really stopped.

I mean he has never smoked. He lives a blame free lifestyle. He doesn’t drink excessively, or actually I guess I should say he didn’t, since he doesn’t drink at all now. Whatever. He is well behaved. To be honest he would have to be or I wouldn’t have married him. 😉

Well, there you have it. He started coughing in September and went in the hospital October 1st. He spent 22 days in there and he’s still totally screwed up.

He almost died and I keep thinking it’s still going to happen if I look away for a second. I don’t know why my paying attention would help… That’s how egocentric I am, I guess.

If you or your spouse has the opportunity to sign up for long term disability insurance at work…

Do so. Please remember that… Do so.

We didn’t and even though he could get the disability go ahead from any of his doctors at any time, we don’t have it, and Medicare’s disability insurance isn’t enough to keep a gnat alive. At least not these gnats.

I don’t really know what we are going to do in the long run, but we are looking into all possibilities.

Anyone wanna lease a little old lady? I know I make it sound glamorous, but really!

She Could Be Yours!

(For a limited amount of time and restrictions apply…Though I can’t think what they may be…) 😉

Well, now Craig Ferguson is on and the lady that wrote The Glass Castle, Jeannette Walls is on and I really loved that book. So I am off to watch mindless television, me lovelies!