It will probably come as some surprise to you, maybe even shock, to know that someone as laid back as myself is quite capable of having and, yes, properly maintaining a neurosis or two.  OK, maybe even more than two.  Perhaps I am riddled with them.  Perhaps not.  BUT, I CAN CLAIM TO HAVE ONE!

Becky, over at Mommy Wants Vodka, was talking about a few of hers and even asked her readers at the end of her post, what some of ours are.  I felt obliged to answer.  Prepare yourself.  I will begin to come across as more and more human and less and less like the giddy goddess you all know me to be.  Yes, you do.  STOP LAUGHING.

I guess my most obvious one would have to be my laundry.  I do get behind on it from time to time, but not too often, however if it’s not done “just so” and folded perfectly, and the knit shirts are almost always hung on hangers to dry and the towels are folded in thirds lengthwise and then doubled in half,  and so are washcloths and, I can’t live without a bleach pen and a stain stick, and the drawers are always neat and the clothes in the closet are hung in order of color, and I want so much to have a “discussion” with the dry cleaners about the order they return John’s shirts in, and all towels, washcloths, dishtowels and sheets and pillowcases MUST be washed in hot water,and everything else in cold, (separated by colors, of course).  Warm water is for people who can’t commit.   AND, apparently run-on sentences are not part of the whole neurosis thing for me.  Let me check… Nope.  I can live with it.

See, I’m just one of the gang and not the HalfAsstic Royalty you thought I was!


Free toes, everybody!