Up to the minute reporting, that’s what I’m all about.  heh

Today has been a really good day.  Right now I’m sitting here in my comfy chair in the living room with the furry little dog wedged in beside me.  She won’t be caught far from my side at any given time, but when I have been gone for a while during the day she becomes almost physically connected.  Neurotic little shit.

H is reciting her rosary in her room, the kids are upstairs and John is asleep in his chair beside me.  And he made me a cocktail before nodding off.


It really doesn’t matter how the day was anyway.  Right now all the pieces are falling into place.

I watched Slumdog Millionaire last night.  Very, very late when everyone else was asleep.  I really enjoyed it and all I can think to say is I want to see it again and be able to pay more attention.  I was tired and ready for sleep long before it was over, but I was really in to it and didn’t want to turn it off.

We went to Kohl’s today and I ran into Kes and Keelan’s kindergarten teacher.  I haven’t seen her in about 13 years and she is still just as cute and little as she used to be.

The bitch. 😉

On a different note, we picked up two new ties for John and a casual shirt.  Plus, when we went to Palais Royal I found a bright red eyelet shirt on clearance for $4.98, and another paisley shirt for $16.80 that was on sale also.  But, the really big news?  The red eyelet shirt, was a medium.  Woo-Hoo!  If I can just keep losing I’ll be back in a small in… well… someday.

I got my camera… stolen?  I think it must have been, either that or just fell out of my purse.  Anyway, I have been camera-less for a while now and must remedy this.  Perhaps tomorrow.  John and I looked at several little Kodak and Sony camera’s today and I plan to make up my mind and just get one.  Soon.

The dog beside me is getting fatter all the time and she keeps wriggling as she sits here trying to make more room.  One of us is going to have to move.  Her.

Henrietta got a visit from the priest today.  He comes about twice a year to deliver communion and hear confession.  The little lady that normally gives out the communion was with him also and they had a very nice visit.  When I was putting her to bed, with a gleam in her eye, she said, “Father anointed me with oil, so I’m ready to go.”  I asked her where and she said, “You know!”, and laughed.  She has been talking more about dying lately and I just wonder if she knows something, subconsciously that we don’t.