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Update on pins and needles

Well, when John left the doctor’s office he dropped in at the house before heading back to work.  I told him I knew he was trying to catch me with men in the house.  He sail no, it was his mom he was trying to catch.

OK.  I can accept this.

Anyway, I was really glad he thought to come by to tell me what was discussed at his appointment.  And, almost best of all, he really liked the doctor and said that he put him at ease and seemed very reasonable.
This, coming from a man that repeatedly said something to the effect of, “I’m not going to let them make me do a whole bunch of shit!”.  Defensive, much?  Yeah.

He told John that it could very well be one of two things: Thyroid, (hyper active) or diabetes.

Anyway, doc suggested that they START with a full blood panel and see what that reveals.  Then take it from there.

Gee.  This just seems so reasonable.

So, he has a hole in his arm is running a few test tubes low, but other than that he feels MUCH better.  For now.

I am extremely relieved.

Update on missing phone.

Remember this, yesterday-when I managed to lose my mind phone and was lamenting how I had searched high and low, never finding it?  Well, guess who commented and then sent me subsequent emails telling me where to look to find it?

Witchypoo over at Psychicgeek.

She told me to, “Look within, or under, an unmade bed.”  So I responded by saying something to the effect that I was shocked that she thought I would have unmade beds.  She pointed out that I have teenagers and that, of course, means unmade beds.   *sigh* She is right.

At this point I still wasn’t thinking about the psychic thing.  I was still just, “Oh she must have found something she lost in the bed and that really is a good place to look…”

So we emailed back and forth several times and she finally just kicked me in the butt told me that the “coverlet is turned back and the phone is right under the edge of it, close to the pillow”.

So I got my happy ass up and went first into H’s room and patted around on her bed and wasn’t really even thinking about the fact that she had given me a “seeing” tip.  Oh, and Henrietta was IN the bed when I was looking around, so OF COURSE IT WAS UNMADE… I mean I am not a complete slob, so I am sure it would  have been made if she hadn’t been in it.


At the foot of her bed is a coverlet/large throw thing that we always keep there for her in case she gets cold.  It is folded in half across the end of the bed.  I patted the thing down and, well, there it was.  Right there, just a few inches in, right at the edge.  So I immediately picked it up and went back in to re-read her last email.   It said it was “close to the pillow.”  Well, the coverlet was over the end of the bed not close to the head.  But look!  You can see in this picture that there is a stack of pillows in the seat of the chair that is pushed up to the end of the bed.

Now, granted I put the phone back in the bed to take the picture, but that is almost exactly where it was, but the coverlet was pulled over it of course and I couldn’t see it.  (I’m not that lame.  I would have already found it if it had been lying out on the bed!  OH, YES, I WOULD!)  Anyway, see the stack of pillows in the chair that I still haven’t found anything to do with since she got the *&%$#! hospital bed?  They are about two feet from the phone.

So I would say that is pretty dead on accurate. I was amazed.  That was one of the neatest things to happen to me in a long time.  And not just because being without the extra phone was such a hassle.  It was just super neat.

That Witchypoo is amazing AND FABULOUS!  Yes, I said FABULOUS!

Amended to add that I forgot to point out that the coverlet is always folded in half, “turned back” as it was indicated.  And while it is kinda messy in the pic it is turned back on itself…  Completely in half.

First off at Chez Lopez, the freakin phone is missing.  This irritates me no end as I have to carry the remaining downstairs phone around with me everywhere I go or sprint from one end of the house to the other when the damn thing rings because I will, inevitably, be where it’s not.  It doesn’t make much difference if I’m not expecting a phone call.  They can just leave a message or not.  But when I am waiting for the nurse to call me back or one of the kids to call or some such thing, it is damn inconvenient.

Have you seen this phone, except with “Handset 1” on the screen?  I will pay you to tell me where it is.  No, that’s not like a ransom… that would be desperate, and hey, I’m not desperate.  Not at all.  NOW WHERE IS IT!

The last time it was missing I found it in the window sill in the bathroom.  Yeah.  In answer to your question, oh obvious one, I don’t know.  Since I refuse to take it in with me to potty I am assuming it was hanging on my waistband when I went to empty H’s pee can, but who can really be sure?  Not me.

This is where it was before and now it’s not and yes I looked inside that candle thing.  It’s not there.  I have also looked all the other places.

Oh, by now you realize how serious this is to me and are thinking, “Gee, Krissa, why not just page it from the base?”  Well aren’t you brilliant?  (Ooo.  Did that sound snarky?  I’m a touch irritable today, bare with me.)  I will tell you why.  The ringer is turned off.  This is a gift(?) from my husband who hates the phones ringing and turns off the ringers when he comes home from work because the kids are the only ones getting calls on them by that time anyway.  They answer them upstairs.  This is the second day it’s been missing, so it will be dead soon anyway.

So I am awaiting that info on the phone location and will take anonymous tips if you are too scared to tell me you took it.

You should be.

Moving right along.

Remember this?  Well, it turns out that the $10.00 wine cooler/chiller (whatever!) was missing a little pin in the top of the door to hold it on the hinge.  No biggie, right?  So John and I hunted around at the local hardware store for something that would work and we picked up a little 49 cent deal that looked like it would work and, indeed, it fit fine.  However it would shimmy up, out of the hole a bit every time the door was opened and closed.  So I went online to, got the phone number and called.  The guy made no promises but told me that they had some replacement parts in the warehouse to send out, but the things are made in China and he kind of doubted that the door hinge pin was one of the things that were kept over here.  In the good ol’ US.  So he was going to put in a request and if they had it they would send it to me.

I never expected to hear from them again.

Well, yesterday Fedex dropped this on my doorstep.

I mean, can you see why I had no idea what it could be?  It is, quite literally, the size of my toaster oven.

Filled to the top with the huge-bubble bubble wrap.  (The kind that is REALLY fun to pop and scare the dogs with!)  And nothing else.

At least that’s what I thought at first.  And then on closer inspection, MUCH closer, I finally found a teeny-tiny pin for the door hinge.

Here it is.  In place and holding the door perfectly.

$10.00 for wine cooler.

Free shipping on the free pin for the door.

About $12.00 for the two bottles of cheapish wine we got on sale inside it.

This is where I’m supposed to say something is “Priceless”, but, really?  Who am I kidding?

Good news, good news, good news!

For the good news, I am happy to announce my somewhat shaky grasp on sanity is scheduled to continue, uninterrupted for the foreseeable future.  There has been an endless stream of people parading in and out of this house today.  The nurse with her scheduled visit, Lisa with her unscheduled one, (yet, I let her in like the best friend I am), and the state case worker for the Aged and Disabled, of which Henrietta is both.  Together.  At the same time.  You’d think this would get me twice as much help.  Oh, really?  You wouldn’t?

Well anyway, it doesn’t matter what YOU thought cause I AM getting more help.  Can you hear me squealing like a little girl on a carnival ride?  I am.  EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!  How obnoxious is that?

The chick was here doing a re-certification that is done once a year and she happened to mention something about the caregiver provider person being able to come out and stay with H and provide help caring for her anywhere between one and four times a week.  To which I perked up and said, “Would I be eligible for her coming more often than twice a week?”  And dear, sweet Lisa chimed in, (and I swear this is true), “Yeah.  She is really, honestly going bat shit crazy up in here.”  She laid it out there evenly and calmly, as if providing evidence at a trial or something.

This is why I love her.

So the lady shuffled through some papers and mumbled some encouraging things because she was afraid for her life and had seen the crazed look in my eyes before she came up with some things that seemed to spell out a way for her to escape without injury to do just this.

So the new deal is that FOUR TIMES A WEEK I am going to get a body here to help me with H AND I will get to escape and go where ever I want and do whatever I want for THREE HOURS AT A TIME on those days.

TWELVE HOURS A WEEK. Me?  I am beside myself.  Yup.  I just looked and there I was, right beside me.  This is supposed to go into effect sometime next week and I am counting the days.

Here is H in her shiny new hospital bed.  It has got to be a solid foot longer than the twin bed.  So far she has rung her bell for me to come in and raise and lower the head of the bed for her every time she wants it changed.  It has an electric remote control just like the ones in the hospital.  She knew how to do it for herself when she was there… just not now that she’s home.  *sigh*


Am I ever coming back?  THAT IS THE QUESTION!  BWAHAHAHA! Fade out to maniacal laughter…

The freakin’ give away was SUPPOSED to be yesterday and I forgot!  So here it is, today.  I did the random number generator thing as I said I was going to and our winning number is 5.  When numbered in order, the unconscious mutterings number 1-12 and number 5 is… (drum roll please)… Sabrina!

So, dear, please send me your info and I will get them sent right out to you when I head to the post office here sometime in the next 6 months.

I really will try to get them straight out.  Soon. ish.


Henrietta is doing better today.

Oh, I don’t think I ever let on what was going on with her.  Well, she was going a bit… bat shit crazy and we couldn’t figure out why.  I left strict instructions that they were not to, under ANY circumstances, run any bizarre tests on her or give her any extra, (different) meds without contacting me for approval first.

They didn’t.  She has just been getting the same old Levaquin IV antibiotic that she always gets and she has been hallucinating all kinds of totally off the wall stuff.  In true Henrietta fashion it is all very dark, negative, and pessimistic.

We finally decided the antibiotic must be doing it and the nurses were tired of reassuring her that there were no “large black men” going in her room through her window at night scaring her.  Did not matter how many times I explained she was on the forth floor and no one could get to it, she insisted that men were sitting their chair up against her window outside.  Children were looking in at her and she kept telling me to look for myself the children were looking in right then and I could see them too if I tried.  Last night she told John and I, with tears in her eyes, that the nurse had told her that she has multiple sclerosis and is going to die from it.

I am sure that what happened was the nurse mentioned something about her scoliosis and she, (being THE most negative person in the world), mixed it up to be multiple sclerosis.  Given opportunity, she would have incorporated Lyme disease in there somehow.  But, no.  I had to nix everything and tell her the truth.  I am such a joy kill morose mood destroyer.

Yup.  Just call me MMD.

Well, they took her off the Levaquin and started her on something else yesterday and she seems fine today.  Woo-Hoo!