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Are you effin’ kidding me?

I went over to Lisa’s house today and we hung out for a while. Her 14 month old, front loading LG washer is broken and she can’t wash any clothes. It is two months out of warranty and she and her husband turned it over and took the back off to find that a plastic part that connects with a metal gear is worn out.


I have no idea why anyone would think that this is a good idea. I mean plastic and metal don’t work well together. The plastic will always either break or wear out.  Anyway, they ordered the $99.00 part and are waiting for it to come.

Meanwhile, I took home her load of beach towels that were hanging out on the fence to dry when it started raining and were in danger of souring.

(Have I ever mentioned the humidity down here? If things don’t get dried fairly soon, they sour and then mildew.)

Anyway, the stuff had been being rained on since yesterday so it all needed washing anyway, as mud had splashed up on it.

I got home, took a load of my own towels out of the washer and tossed them in the dryer and turned it on.


It started to go, the lights dimmed for a second and then nothing.

Wait a minute… the lights dimmed? This can’t be good. I tried again and it happened again. Over and over.

Finally, I held the knob in the on position and the stupid dryer started. It ran for the allotted amount of time and did not dry a thing. Not even a little bit.

It did not get remotely warm.


Meanwhile I attempted to wash Lisa’s towels. My washer is making a bizarre noise that can only mean bad things.

Did I mention that the central A/C is blowing and not shutting off, yet not cooling at all? At all?


Will someone just wake me up before we all go to the poor house.

All. In. One. Paragraph.

That Witchypoo, has got me spilling my guts in emails to her AND since she had me be an active part in her post I thought, hey, I can at least pull something together from an email I sent her.  We do a lot of chit-chatting, she and I.

I know how the following, (gulp), paragraph looks, but I really did take a breath in there somewhere.

It’s been one of those days, ya know?  Started laundry.  Folded a load of clothes from yesterday.  Kes and The Boyfriend went to get the Adirondack chairs for John for Father’s Day.  H had an early poop and was kind of freaked out about it.  Did the entire thing in her diaper before I could get her on bedpan.  It ran out the sides of diaper while I was changing her and for reasons still unknown to me, I made her bed ready last night without a chux so there was shit all over the sheet.  More laundry.  Ran out of laundry detergent.  Sat down in floor ready to put the new chairs together.  Ran out of juice in the cordless drill/screwdriver, so it’s charging. H had another U.P.  Once again, she did it all in the diaper.  That makes it harder to clean her up, but this time she didn’t have that much left.  Now she’s a bit freaked out due to two, er, make that TWO, U.P. in one day.  Convinced I gave her a laxative.  “Krissa, did you give me a laxative?”  I look pointedly confused and reply, “When would I have given you a laxative?”  “Well, did you?”  “Think about it Henrietta, when would I have given it to you?”  “Ohhhh I don’t know…”  “Well, DID I GIVE YOU ANY MEDICINE OR NOT?”  “Well…. no, just my two pills last night…”  OK, I didn’t give you a laxative!”   She is now in there repeatedly trying to pick up something off the floor with her little grabbing tool she uses and is dropping the object over and over.  I have gone over with her how to do it time and time again.  SHE. CAN. NOT. GET. IT.
Shit.  SIL just showed up and I gotta go explain what all H is talking about when she starts bitching to her.  

I probably should have titled this “Life in a normal day at chez Lopez”.
BUT!  Then the second half of my day started and I finished getting the chairs together, John and I sat outside with them pulled up to the grill while we cooked hamburgers and link sausage.
John picked the orange one.  They are VERY comfortable.

John picked the orange one. They are VERY comfortable.

PLUS,  I don’t want anyone out there to think the following event is any less important to this household simply because it didn’t get it’s very own, post blog site.
Remember Cecilia?  Well, we have suffered through with her, as her condition continued to worsen.  It was taking 45 precious minutes to make coffee while we turned her off and on 4 and 5 times waiting for the entire measly 10 cups to make.
I decided to get down to the nitty-gritty with her yesterday.  I snatched the plug outa the wall and dumped out the remaining water in the bottom of the water tank thingy and shinned a flashlight down in there.
OH. DEAR. GOD.  And I do not use that last word lightly… it was time for a prayer.  One of thanks that we hadn’t all perished with some sort of new super-plague.  Let me just say this one thing.  Slime.  I will leave it at that.
John brought me home some vinegar and I ran, well, lets just say A LOT through there, (several times), and it fixed the whole problem.  I think there was some calcium build up too and really, that’s probably what was making it not finish getting the water out.  Now our $130.00 coffee pot has redeemed herself.  Cecilia lives on.
Free toes, everybody!