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Hello gang! I know this doesn’t look like me, (all italic-y and all), and that’s because it’s not. I’m over at Eric’s place, Eden Journal doing a guest post. Eric is hosting a campfire discussion on “Happiness”. It’s quite interesting. So hop on in and check out everyone’s perspective and then contribute your own!

Bless Her Heart

This is Mither and I just finished talking with Krissa. Bless her heart, she has just about had it up to her ears. She has some sort of respiratory problem and is coughing and very congested. John, once again, has swollen feet and legs and is still coughing until I really don’t know how he can stand it. Henrietta is on another tear about Gilly, who is over with the family to watch the football game. She is very sure, when the men raise their voices (as we all know men do when they watch a game) that they are angry and Gilly is going to hurt John.
Suddenly, it was all too much for Kris and she asked me if I would post to update you all. She will get back with you as soon as she can with the promised Christmas pictures. Just be patient with her–and say a prayer.

* Amended to add that “Gilly” is The Boyfriend.