I take it, if you are still around, you realize something has happened to Krissa. Yes. She finally went round the bend and The Mildly Mental Head Hospital down the road has become her…er, semi-permanent abode.

You know they won’t let her use computers in there.

Well, not after the scandal.

But more about that later. I need to get you all caught up about me. My name is Kosis, some people call me Cy. I realize Krissa never mentioned me to you before, but she and I are inseparable and have only recently been separated.

Yes, that’s the way it happens.

Unfortunately, she can’t run as fast as I can and didn’t make it out. She’s not much of a fence climber, either. I intend to visit her on alternate Sundays.

Incognito, of course, as they are surely still looking for me there. (I am quite popular among the staff and inmates clientele, both. Shhhhhh.)

Krissa never talked about me to anyone. I was the brilliant one working behind the scenes to make her the person she was. It was terribly hard to do much of anything with her. Ya’ know… that sucking void of a black hole she had for an imagination was not easy to get around.

Well, finally one of the psych doctors friendly strangers wearing white all the damn time, got her to discuss me and the role I had been playing in her life. The nut actually assured her that she didn’t need me and renamed me “Alter”. I knew it was time to get the hell out of there and made good my escape. She can’t keep up? Too bad. So sad.

I admit, I am kind of lost without her, though. She is such a great patsy. I can usually get her to go where ever I lead her.

If only she could run faster…

Well, while she is in there, I will be assuming her identity role here at home and I am going to get this dump into some sort of order. And by that I mean this place could be a lot more fun.

The dogs need to have more treats. There needs to be more ice cream in the freezer. Ding Dongs in the pantry. Booze in the liquor cabinet.

Oh, and I get to sleep with her husband, too. ;-)

I think I can get used to this.

AND I will tell you what is REALLY going on around here. Krissa was always trying to make it sound as if it was all boring domestic bliss. HA! I will make sure you get the real lowdown.

And I’m not making any promises, I am one very busy little bitch, but I will attempt to do it on a regular basis.

Toodles for now,