All right. I give Krissa mad props for the whole cooking thing. That? is a bunch of crap.
Happily, that attempt was days ago and the smoke has cleared, I have placed all the batteries back in the (incredibly annoying) smoke detectors, and the fire department has gone on their merry way.
YES! FIREMEN! Big, good looking hunks of man that leave you drooling.
OK, maybe we were just hungry since dinner was burned.
But, on to what’s going on now. The gardner/hot pool boy, (Burrito), is mowing the yard and Conchita has abandoned me to go back to Mexico. Some crap about visiting a dying mother or something like that. She has sent me her cousin to take her place. Her name is Taquita.
I can only hope that she has been tutored by Conchita herself and will be fully aware of the do’s and don’ts of bathroom grout maintenance.
I am a stickler about my grout.

Oops! Burrito is done mowing and all sweaty. I better go observe him cooling down under the water hose.
Later, kids!