Yet another high-end kitchen appliance fails me…

The KitchenAid coffee maker, the Bosch Microwave Oven, the Bosch Dishwasher… all gone the way of the dinosaur.  Actually, that’s not entirely true… we still have the bloody dishwasher, after having poured almost as much money into fixing it as it cost originally. Repeatedly. And I am only guessing, as it was already here when we moved in. I’m sure the dirty bastards that used to live here thought they were doing us a huge favor leaving the damn thing behind…  Now, the blender is on the fritz. What if I need a margarita?

Remind me to look into Margarita Insurance.

Anyway, I had a conversation, chatty style, with the KitchenAid rep. on line and she was EVER so helpful. Here is the copied and pasted chat with Debra T.

Debra T: Thank you for contacting KitchenAid! My name is Debra T. I will be with you momentarily.
Krissa Lopez: Thanks, Debra!
Debra T: Hello Ms Lopez. How may I assist you today?
Krissa Lopez: Hi. the gear on the blade assembly of my blender is worn out. We have only used it a handfull of times. Do you have any blade assemblies for sale that are better made? Like maybe of metal instead of plastic? I wouldn’t mind paying a little more for better quality. That’s what I thought I was doing when I bought the Kitchen Aid…
Debra T: I am sorry to hear about the issue you are having with your blender. There is repair available for this issue. How old is your unit?
Krissa Lopez: Maybe two years old… something like that.
Debra T: do you have an extended warranty on the product?
Krissa Lopez: No.
Debra T: Ok. Well you can have the unit repaired by one of our service centers. You can find a list of local service centers at
Krissa Lopez: Nooo. I just want to order the blade assembly and stick it in myself. Don’t you just unscrew the thing on the bottom and then tighten up the new one once it’s in?
Debra T: I am not a technician and I don’t have access to the repair information. I apologize but I am unable to assist you with the repair of the unit other then to refer you to a technician. It is not recommended that you repair the unit yourself.
Krissa Lopez: Then why are the replacement parts available on line?
Debra T: It is not recommended, but we cannot prohibit you from performing the repair.
Debra T: I just can’t tell you how.
Krissa Lopez: Too funny! OK, well, back to my original question. Is there a better made blade assembly than the plastic one that the blender came with?
Debra T: I have not been made aware of a new one. We only have the same one the unit came with available.
Krissa Lopez: Is there any kind of warranty on the replacement blade so that when it wears out again, (as it surely will), I don’t have to keep paying for new ones?
Debra T: As far as parts go, they have a 30 day guarantee.
Krissa Lopez: Great…
Debra T: Are there anymore questions or concerns?
Krissa Lopez: OK, I want to order another one of the same, please.
Debra T: You may phone the KitchenAid Customer Satisfaction Center at 800-541-6390.  Our hours are 8am – 8pm Monday through Friday and Saturday 10am – 5pm (ET) to order as we do not take orders via chat at this time.
Krissa Lopez: OK, that makes sense. Thanks Debra. Could you please let someone know about my dissatisfaction with this particular product?
Debra T: Yes ma’am I will document that for you. Thank you for contacting Kitchenaid. Have a great day!
Krissa Lopez: Thanks, Debra!
Debra T: You’re welcome.

I am SO FREAKIN’ NICE, it’s obnoxious ridiculous.

Now, I am OBLIGATED to make margaritas every single day for the 30 day warranty period the new part has. How else can I make sure it is of good quality?

You realize that’s a rhetorical question, don’t you?