Yes, that’s right. I said HAD.  Apparently my brother can fix that…in blogs, at least. I don’t suggest lining up at his door for the… well, genital kind as I have absolutely no recommendations for this from anyone.

Doctor, he is not.

Anyway, the warnings and red signs and whatnot you were seeing should not be there anymore. I restarted and did all the voo-doo and stuff and didn’t get anything.

We be disease free, and I’m proud to claim it! At least I think so…

Anyway, readership has been falling off and I feel like that has been due to the fact that the STD warning pops up when you hit on my site… Maybe I’m wrong, and you are just so damn faithful you risked plague and commented anyway.

But then again maybe you need your will revised and didn’t want to risk it… 😉

Revisited to add that the change in masthead is supposed to be temporary.