Hello everyone.  This is Cam, HalfAsstic Krissa’s brother.  I’m posting with Krissa’s permission to pass on some news.

As most of you long-time readers know, Krissa has devoted 76.8% of the content of HalfAsstic (Krissa did the math) to stories of care-giving and the general ensuing hi-jinks related to and/or directly or indirectly caused by her dear mother-in-law, Henrietta (or as Krissa refers to her just plain ‘ol “H”).

Well yesterday, July 14 2010, 88 years after she came into this world, Mary Henrietta Lopez quietly and painlessly passed away with Krissa and other family right there by her side.  The whole event from when they all knew it was the end up until her passing was only about 10 minutes so it was indeed a blessing that everything was fast, painless, and with many of her loved ones there with her.

Krissa and her husband John I’m sure would love to hear from you whether you comment or if you like you can privately e-mail them at halfasstic (at) gmail (dot) com.

As you can well imagine, things are busy at the Lopez home right now, but knowing Krissa, the header contest she pushed the last few posts is still on (albeit delayed a bit) and I’m sure we’ll be hearing from her right here on HalfAsstic pretty soon.

Mary Henrietta Lopez

Mary Henrietta Lopez

April 29, 1922-July 14, 2010