Can you hear it? Can you hear it? Well, you’re just not listening hard enough!

After posting about my incessant, withering hot flashes the other day I received an email from a man.

I KNOW!  That’s what I thought… a MAN? Whatev. His name is Adam Hodson and he brings me tidings of great joy.

Oh, stop it, I’m trying to be euphoric here! Adam is my new pusher said he works for a company that produces a product that I SO need.

Crack? No, turns out that it’s not probable that it would fix me… I looked into it.

Adam said he works for Lunada Biomedical and that they produce a product named Amberen. Here’s what he said:

“I work with a company that produces a product called Amberen, it’s safe, effective, clinically proven and the only product on the market today that uses your own hormones to alleviate menopause symptoms.  Amberen is all natural so there are no dangerous side effects like with HRT and it contains no soy, cohosh, herbs or stimulants like Estroven.”

OK, so I was hooked right there. He went on to tell me that he would score me a free three month supply if I would give it a try and post about the results. Of course, I said, “Yes!”. Or I think I may have actually gotten more gratuitous than that and promised he’s on my Christmas card list, or something. Anyway, it was BIG! (I hardly ever get around to sending out Christmas cards.)

He supplied me with a few links and I looked into the new wee miracle being introduced into my life and am really excited about it. He sent me several links that were helpful, including the clinical trials, and I DID go on beyond them and read more about it in forums. It sounds quite safe and the side effects are remote and minimal.

Hell yes, I sent this *strange man my address!

People, I will be keeping you posted!

*By “strange” I mean unknown to me and in no way intend to imply that Adam is other than an upstanding American citizen or even possibly a circus sideshow performer.