• Well, I don’t know if this thing is working right now or not. As you may have noticed… my site got the herpes with my last post… Or something.

I am not having any luck getting it straightened out and my stupid-brother, Cam, is in hospital when I NEED HIM! He’s nursing, what they suspect is, a couple of teeny, tiny black widow spider bites. Battling fever and body aches and a giant sore on his side.
The pansy-ass. He’s just doing this because I need him. He always was self-centered like this…
Here’s the latest picture I got from his iphone.

Doesn’t that look awful? Bless his heart. Really, I’m worried about him and am anxiously awaiting his return home. I am sure Melissa, his wife, is too.

  • Reading that title again…. wondering what kinds of pervs I’m going to get trolling through here…?
  • Actual conversation while we were shopping and looking around at ties for John.

I picked up one that was on clearance at Kohl’s and said, “Hey, this one is only $3.98.”

His immediate response: “How do you know?”

Really? Like I can’t read? Or did he think I was lying to him? The nut.

  • If you want to see a little dog flip completely out, watch while I start taking the toys out of Sasha’s crate. She goes nuts and frantically tries to grab them and haul them back in there as I’m working on it. Let me tell you, it is a battle of wills.
  • I am proud to say I win. Usually.
  • OK this is enough valuable information for now. I don’t want to get you all over stimulated and then tonight when you can’t sleep you’ll blame me.
  • You know you will!