Hello there my darlings. I hope everyone had a wonderful Mudder’s Day. Mine was combined with my birthday this year and my crowd really did come through for me. I got some wonderful gifts including, but not limited to, heavenly fragranced  lotions, body scrub, shower gel, and bubble bath combined with a gift certificate to Coldwater Creek! My favorite store in the mall and online as well.  PLUS I finally got a cover for my nook, so I can just drop it in my purse and not worry about scratches on the screen.

In’nit cute?

AND, last but not least, I am getting a family portrait soon or we are all gonna die trying! That? is what I was wanting most of all and I got all my group to agree and it IS GOING TO HAPPEN!

Sooo excited about that!

Now, let’s see what’s in the old picture vault to talk about, shall we?

These were actually growing in my flowerbed! I dearly love iris and I had scads of them this year.

Spring is so wonderful.

Here’s a delicate subject that causes my people to squirm. Mostly because I bring it up so much.

They all know they WILL. DIE. if they ever pretend to be about to place anything in the kitchen trash with out some sort of liner in there first. And not only that they will be washing out, (with soap), every trashcan in the house. So when someone has gotten the kitchen trash to the point that it is overflowing and trash is falling all over the floor and there is no way to go on without taking it out, well, this just means that the trash can will look like this:


No one can actually be expected to replace the liner so it sits there like this until I notice there is an abundance of trash on the counter tops and I start to gather it all to throw it away.

Things like:

Tea with lemon, anyone? Well, someone has had some.

Tea bag not needed anymore? Don’t know what to do with it since throwing it away would mean you need to bend over and retrieve a liner from under the sink and then place it INTO THE TRASH CAN?

No problem. Just leave it waded up on the corner of the sink.


Well, I started out all full of good cheer and crap spouting off about all my birthday goodies and it’s all gone downhill. Now I’m all bitchy about the trash left all over the kitchen  when no one will replace the liner in the can.

Confession: I took those picture’s about 6 months ago.

I need to move on.

I’m old now.