Hello dear. Yes, I am talking to you. I mean can a post get any more intimate than this? It is being written with you in mind.

First of all, knowing your deep fascination, respect and abiding love for all things HalfAsstic Household, I have news of some great import for you.

Remember John, Mr. HalfAsstic? Yeah, well there’s not much reason for you to remember him too much since he’s HARDLY EVER HERE.

Oops. Was I being loud again? Dammit. My redneck was sneaking out.

Aaaaanyway, John has been working in another county for a good long while and the 45 minute drive to and from work, not to mention the cost of gasoline, has driven us bats for the entire time. The Pearland store is no longer his baby! He got transferred to Friendswood! Much closer and easy to get to! Plus, he’s worked there before and it’s an “easy” store.

Now, didn’t I just absolutely make your day with that bit of news?

I went with him to the old store yesterday on his day off to pick up his junk valuables.

Here he is upstairs gathering his things. No, really. He’s in there.

Here again, only this time he’s more identifiable as human. (And he almost always is.)

There’s my cutie!

BIIIIIG store. This is just a small slice out of the center from upstairs.

And just to make you jealous… Spring in south Texas.

OK, actually it’s the parking lot in spring in south Texas, but you can still see all the green way back there.

Next, all about Henrietta’s delusions. The Update.