There are more Christmas pictures, ya’ll!

Up first, we’re moving into the Victorian bedroom, where Mither has a tree and garland over the headboard. There was also garland over the mirror on the dresser yet, somehow, I missed the shot of that.

The paint technique she used in here is beautiful as well.

Here’s the small Christmas tree in the sewing room. Festive, no?

I am skipping around a wee bit, (Sort of like I do in real life-really, you should see me…), and here we are at the end of the hall, across from the kitchen. The furry thing is Tootsie, she is heading out the door.

Here we are in the “girl’s room”.

Besides the Christmas tree, there was a lovely garland going across the top of the headboard. It had to go. I was sleeping in there, (being the perfect sister and giving the Victorian room to my brother and SIL), and the damn thing was attacking me in the night and interfering with my slumber. It’s on the floor on the other side of the bed. Try to imagine it.

Can you tell Mither likes to fool with paint?  It is even prettier in person.

Here’s a closer up shot of the walls…

Wandering down the hall, here we have Pop’s room gun cabinet. Festive as well.

A rather vintage Miss Martha’s nativity scene…

Now at the end of this hall is Mither and Pop’s room. For some reason the tree looks lit with yellow lights from here, and…

…white lights from here. Now why is that? I didn’t use a flash with either shot and the lights were white in real life. Crazy.

Mither’s room is serene and calm in a sea of blue and white.

This is a lovely, snowy looking little vignette.

That Mither does love her sparkle.

On outside now…

SEE! SNOW!  This is the cattle guard in front.

Coy pond. I suspect they’re cold…

I just love this shot…

And this off the back porch at the tank that is looking a little frozen.

I can’t tell you how much fun it was to take pictures of all this snow! And yes, I know it’s not nearly as much as a  lot of you get, but for here and on Christmas Day, it was amazing.