Yeah, yeah, yeah. Day late and a dollar short. Whatev.

These pictures are so freakin’ spectacular that you will be forced, I say FORCED, to forgive me.  Well, OK, maybe not forced, but I think you will want to.  Hope?

Ahem. Here we go.

As you may remember me mentioning years months weeks a long time ago, I spent my first Christmas with my entire family, (the ‘rentals and sole sibling), present in the same house, at the same time, for the first time in probably over 15 years.

You see, my brother is a very difficult man.

Heh! Love you, Cam!

It’s true, though. He’s in the military and they, my dear, sainted sister-in-law and now my semi-new nephew, have been living all over the globe for an eternity. They are now stationed back in Alamogordo NM. So it was very exciting for us all to be there together. We picked up the food fight right where we left off. 😉

Also? This was the very first documented white Christmas in Decatur, Texas in, I guess, forever.  My parents are 72 and 73, and had never had one before.  BIG EXCITEMENT.

So without further ado, or even undo or redo, here are the pictures!


Here we are with the living room all decked out for the holidays!  Mither goes all out.


I think their tree is sooo beautiful.


Here’s a winter scene in the front hall I really love!


On the other side of the hall.


Here we are in the dining room and it is so tranquil. This buffet was my great-grandmother’s.


I love this little “ice covered” tree over in the corner.


The centerpiece on the dining room table. “Angel hair” with Christmas lights run underneath it.


Mither painted the walls flat navy blue and then with clear gloss, free handed the design in the curtains in the previous picture. I think this make such a pretty effect.

DSC01494 DSC01496

I remember, when I was a child, thinking that the gifts under our tree looked so pretty it was magical. I love helping Mither wrap them and continuing with the illusion.


Now, here we go down the hall to the Kitchen. Mither being Mither and all, of course the hall has to have a Christmas tree as well.

I just counted and there are 11 pictures so far in here and I don’t want to bog anyone’s pooter down, so I will finish up my Christmas post in a second edition!

Till later, Merry Christmas Free Toes, everybody!