And no, I’m not even talking about up in the panhandle, where they compete with the weather in Bismark in the winter.

Remember this? Last summer, my aunt’s house up in Burleson, Texas, close to Ft Worth?


Here is what she sent me the other day.

How’s that for cold looking? Still it IS beautiful


John went to the cardiologist today and came home with a grin on his face. They did another EKG and the guy said that he is showing improvement since the last time he was there a month ago.  This made us both very happy. Especially since it seemed like he was getting worse with all the water retention he’s been having.

OH, by the way, we have, apparently, kicked the diabetes in the butt! It’s been days and John hasn’t had any insulin. I do believe his body is producing it on it’s on. YEA!

Now, if only I could figure out what to cook with no salt… I am running out of idea’s people!


Sometime before Christmas I placed an order to this wonderful place because of something I read here at Red’s. Let me tell you, when the box arrived I had no idea how wonderful it would smell! Kessa just happened to be home when I opened the package and before I could even get the camera and take a picture of the beautiful packaging she had torn through it and was in heaven in the soaps. All I ended up getting a shot of was Baby, “regifted” in the ribbon the awesome smelling bundle was wrapped up in.


And it wouldn’t be Baby without that trademark crooked smile.


Uuuh, yeah. I’m not sure what’s up with the one ear either. Makes her look a bit demonic…

Aaaannnywaaaaaay, so the wonnerful, Lynnel had me a batch of the most fabulous smelling soaps and lip balms that you can not even begin to imagine. They sat out on the table in the breakfast area for a few days and everytime John or I entered the house we were inhaling deeply of the lovely smells from that area.

You have GOT to experience this wonderful smell for yourself! Go order from this sweet lady!

Like an idiot I accidentally placed two orders on line and only intended one, so I called her and cleared that up. She was so very nice and fun to talk to.  Anyway, her soaps were the best gifts a good many people got this year!

And Baby really does rock  that red bow.