I swear, I can’t remember the last time I was this frustrated, (that doesn’t have to do with parenting).  We took our happy little asses home and the first night was great.  We both slept like the dead.

However, the next day John began having some sharp pains in his left side.  He said it felt a lot like the catch you get in your side from running, only worse.  These pains began keeping him up at night and he had shortness of breath with them  as well.

So I called the damn doctor and told the damn doctor what was going on and she said to go to the damn ER.  We did and got in pretty quick when the ER nurse took his history, considered his latest symptoms and did a test on his pancreas.



So here we sit.  Again.  It’s like a nightmare we can’t wake up from.

The thinking is that the pancreas is the handy little gizmo that makes insulin and we know his isn’t anymore.  So there’s something up with that, but what?

Well, “they” did a cat scan after he got to drink 10 delicious ounces  of barium and found, nothing.  Well, nothing outside the norm except an inflamed pancreas.  They don’t know why or what’s causing it.  Maybe it’s jealous because it can’t spit out insulin anymore and we now have other sources.   I dunno.

*deep sigh*

I am so emotionally drained and just plain tired I can’t think straight.  I have a bunch of pictures to put on here, (Some of them even funny!), only I forgot the deal to put the camera card in at home.

There is some good news.  Mither and Pop are here!  they showed up last night to help with, well, everything.  And that sure is nice to know!  Hopefully they can get the house, Henrietta and the girls whipped into shape before we get home.

Geeze! If they can do that, coming to the hospital may be worth it!

I am exhausted, people.  I swear I will begin reading you all again soon… soonish. Oh, hell, I really have no idea when this will all end, but I’ll be back sometime, I promise.

I am not proofing this so please forgive me for any bizarre errors.  I’m just gonna hit publish and go with it.