OK, last night I had a duzie of a dream.  So bizarre it’s reset the standards.  Well, mine anyway.

First of all there was this really large rocky…pond in the middle of this area and a beautiful, high dollar ultra modern house on the east side.  Yes, I can tell direction, even in my dreams… just one of the many joys of being me… I was on the south side of it and there was a rotund man, that I was doing surveillance of, getting in a truck on the west side, opposite the house.  It was very important that he not see me and I knew that there was a road going along the other side of the pond that he would take to go back to his house.  But I also knew it was very important that I make it back to his house before him so I could sneak in and meet my other undercover buddy.  She and I had wormed our way into the household staff, apparently.

Then, as suddenly as a scene change on TV I was in his study with my accomplice, (She was wearing a kitchen uniform and apparently I was some sort of secretary or some such thing…it’s just as well, I would freak out at having to cook for a bad guy.)  We were looking for “the information“.

Yeah, I don’t know what information either but apparently it was located on floppy disc.  And not that smaller size one that was such a neat thing ages ago.  No. I’m talking the big 51/4” one that originally came out and held 1.44MB of priceless information.  Or whatever you wanted to put on it.

It was in the bottom drawer of his desk! Along with a bunch of other discs, but I stuck my hand in there and came out with the exact right one.

I mean, of course.

I know. You were expecting me to break into a safe, huh?  Can you believe my weird imagination wouldn’t go that far?  Apparently somewhere in the dark recesses of my sub-conscience I was saying, “Are you crazy? I don’t know how to crack a safe.”

So then my accomplice and I were on the move and I lost track of her.  Apparently she was only there to give me support and make me look good?  I dunno.  She was wearing the kitchen uniform. Maybe she was supposed to fix me a snack.  She didn’t and she sucks.

Scene change and I am trying to get away from the bad guy who wants his disc back, (and has no trouble finding it in my hand cause the damn thing is too big to go in my pocket!), I am wearing jeans now and not the pencil skirt and blouse I was earlier, and this is much more conducive to running from people.  Especially bad guys.  As in most of my dreams, wardrobe changes go unnoticed.

Did I mention that I am lying down in a tunnel trying to crawl away from fatty and he is reaching in grabbing at my ankles?  Yep.  It was like a big air conditioning duct.

Or a coffin.  Whatever.

Anyway, I’m sure you can guess what woke me up.  He was grabbing at my feet and ankles so I was kicking and wriggling… and I kicked for real and woke up.

But I still had the floppy disc when I did, so I win. 😉