Hi, people!  How is every little thing?  That was completely rhetorical. Please refrain from answering aloud. Although I am always interested in communicating with you all via conventional methods.

It is late at night and John and I took a late nap today and totally screwed up our sleep schedules.  He is sitting in the riff raff room downloading some music and at the moment playing Wooly Bully obnoxiously loud.

DSC01259I am sitting at the dining room table, or as we have come to know it around here, HACK.  That would be HalfAsstic Central Komand.  Appropriate, no?

My surroundings are a bit… disheveled.  I am overflowing with tiny little yellow pads of paper with  a variety of lists on them and notes that are, (quite obviously), not helping me a bit with posting ideas.  There is also a large stock pot that my dear friend Lisa had made a huge pot of Taco Soup in and brought over when John got out of the hospital.  It has since been eaten, (twice, and taken back to get her to make more of it), washed and I made stew in it.  I do need to go out and invest in a nice stock pot.  Anyway, I washed the thing again and sat it on my table to give back to her when I see her next.  Oh and there’s a purse that the lining is ripped in for her grandmother to sew up for me, (hopefully), on her sewing machine.

Ever have a purse you really like and the zipper pocket gets a hole in the bottom of it and everything ends up running around in your purse between the lining and the leather?  I hate that.  There is like NEVER a lipstick when you want one.  And it’s really not a very big purse, yet I have to bury my arm up to my elbow to get any particular thing out of it.  And then I start finding things I don’t want and then things I’ve never seen before and eventually one of Jimmy Hoffa’s shoes comes out of it and it’s just time to sew the damn thing up already, right?

I’m gonna go and pour a drinkypoo.  WordPress spell check underlined drinkypoo.  Clearly, they don’t know what they’re talking about.  Of course they also put the red line under WordPress, so I’m not looking for too high a standard.

Why isn’t “every time” one word.  I really, really, really want it to be and constantly try to make it one.  Is there someone I can petition to get this rectified?  Everyday is one. Sometime is one.  Everywhere is one.  Why the hell isn’t everytime?  I Googled it and there are a gazillion songs that have it as Everytime.   However it is either not in the dictionaries or it is and it says it is the incorrect spelling. I think I am now worked up enough to consider myself outraged.  (No, it doesn’t take much…)  Let’s all pull together and thumb our noses at the hate mongers who write the dictionaries and write the word as EVERYTIME.

Are you with me people?  Just think!  If we can get this changed, next we’ll move on to thumb!  What the hell is with that stupid “b” anyway?

Free toes, everybody!