People, this seems most surreal.  As you may recall yesterday, I dished out the story of John’s loverly plural effusion and the promise that we were going to either go to the ER during the night or make it in to see the pulmonary specialist in the morning.

Well, we made it until the morning and went to see the breath doctor, the H2O honcho, the wizard of wheezing, the pulmonary prince.

The man with the plan.

He turned out to be very nice and reassuring and yet, here we are.  In the hospital.

In the heart hospital.  John’s diagnosis of a simple pulmonary effusion is now also a cardiomyopathy of the extrinsic variety.   This heart disease was most likely caused by a virus, (that he caught from some miserable excuse for a human being that didn’t wash their hands?), that attacked his heart.  We have run the gammit with the tests and while John’s math and spelling skills are above average his English Lit. is about a C.  Er… wait a minute.  OH!  Wrong paper!  Sorry bout that.  No, his test results show a variety of things that conclude this way: He will be recovering for the next 4 to 6 months and he’s now a diabetic.  This last part is a very recent development since he was at the doctor about 5 months ago for a check up and everything was fine then.

We will be here for a few days and by then all the swelling will be gone and his coughing as well, since the excess fluid is what is causing it.  Then, we will escape.  And all the while, my SIL is at my house taking care of Henrietta. (Oh, and I forgot to mention that H is developing a nasty UTI right this very minute.)  I am in here with John and my SIL has to deal with all that shit and, yes, I am a petty, hateful, little bitch that really couldn’t care less.  Hee hee!  There’s nothing keeping us from just leaving and going to Mexico or Colorado or Europe!  Yeah!  That is where you’ll find us!  Just don’t tell our family. 😉