Well, the good news is very, very good news.  They re-ran the blood test for cancer and it was negative.  So the “diagnosis” part of the report was incorrect and quite possibly meant for someone else.  Poor bastard, I wonder if they ever bothered to tell him/her?  Anyway, very, very, VERY happy about that one!  Woo-hoo and all that happy crap.

Not to mention, the angiogram showed no evidence of blockages or narrowings.  Just a weakened, enlarged heart that was pumping ineffectively at about 15 to 20 percent now, and that is supposed to be a much more accurate number than the amount we were previously quoted, which was 30%.

So, on we go to the present situation where the two cardiologists get together and agree that there is a blood clot in his heart that was seen during the heart catherization.  Otherwise known as the angiogram.  They told us we will need to be here for another two to three days.  Meanwhile I am still waiting on the endocrinologist I asked for yesterday and I was told he should be here sometime today. It is ten till five and I am betting a bundle that ain’t gonna happen.  But it’s not like we’ve got anywhere else to be so, whatever.

So we thought we’d be going home on Monday and found out it would be Tuesday before they could do the angiogram.  Then, we needed to wait until we could see the guy to “fit” John with a monitor, so it would be Wednesday.  Now, he has this bloodclot that they began treating with Coumadin last night and it will be, “two or three days”.

I think these people have a crush on us and don’t want us to leave.

I am blown away by the response from all of you.  Thank you so much for all your love, support and suggestions.  I am so blessed to have all my blogging buddies for friends.  I have even heard from some new people due to some of you sending people that might know something about our problems over here to weigh in.  I’m talking to you, Nan!  Thank you so much!  I’m going to start answering emails tonight so I WILL get to you soon!  Thanks you guys!