Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We are home from the hospital and I am just kind of wallowing around in guilt.  We have been here since the 15th.

That’s right.  Almost a week as I type this.  I am a horrible person for not updating everyone sooner.  But, I am also a tired, and never gonna get caught up with anything person.  You know…. that kind.

John is just tired.  All the time.  I have tried to get him to mow the yard help him sleep in anyway I can, but his sleep is restless at best.  The cardio guy has him on blood pressure meds that keep it really, really low so this is a lot of the problem.  I think the rest of it is that not eating salt and carbs has sapped his will to live.  I know it would mine.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

SEE?  I fully intended to finish that and throw it out to the blogosphere last night!  I suck!

We did go to the cardiologist yesterday and got his Lasix increased by half again and his blood pressure meds decreased by half.  So, all in all, he feels much better today.

Does anyone out there have any idea how hard it is to cook diabetic recipes with NO SALT.  Both?  At the same time?  I mean it’s doable… just yucky tasting.  I made stew tonight.  With low sodium tomato sauce, V-8 Juice and stewed tomatoes.  And, of course, stew meat, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, onion and garlic.  It tastes good, just needs to cook on  low for a while longer to get the meat tender.   I sprinkled some of that “Nu Salt” on it and went very lightly with it since it tastes like gym socks… Not that I would know, but… well.

OK, whatev!   John is feeling rather hardier today and this is VERY gratifying.  He is going to get his flu shot tomorrow.  I know what you’re thinking. (Yes I do!)  You’re wondering why on earth a heart patient would ever leave the hospital without his flu shot this time of year. (YES, YOU ARE! SHEESH!)  Because he’s the biggest tightwad heart patient ever!  When they offered him a flu shot, (multiple times), in the hospital, he pictured the free one he could get from his employers.  He works for a major supermarket chain and they have pharmacies in each one.  Employees are all given a free flu shot.  So he declined the ones offered in the hospital.  And got some eye rolls from me, that probably went totally un-noticed.

There are 6, (SIX), flu shots left at one of the near by stores and they are saving one for him.

There are no N1H1 shots in Texas.  What about you guys?  I am really curious about this so please let me know if your state/country has them and if you have gotten or are going to.

Henrietta has no idea about what all has gone on.  Well, of course she knows he was in the hospital, but I told her he had a bad case of pneumonia.  She has cried for every new person that has come to the house.  I think the last ones were my parents.  They went home a few days ago.

With each person she goes into a sniffling thing and says repeatedly. “He’s my oooooonly sooooooon!” My mom told John that she feels sure if he had a passel of brothers his mom probably wouldn’t care so much.  Of course she was teasing him!

Please come visit me… she needs “new meat” to cry on…

So there!  I am NOT going to go on and on and on!  And tomorrow morning I am going to start reading posts, SO HELP ME GAWD!

I love you guys so much and appreciate the lovin and well wishes more than I can say!  I can assure you of one thing!  I never felt alone!