Well, things have just been rocking around here.  We seem to be hell-bent on fertilizing an area roughly the size of Texas, with all the poop that happened last night.

I am sitting here feeling drained and uninspired to report these goings on, due mostly to the fact that I haven’t had enough coffee yet.  I’ll be right back.

OK, I got a full fresh, scorching hot mug of it and am feeling like there may be hope yet.

I have been having a wee bit of trouble getting to sleep early enough and am usually nodding off about 1:00 to 2:00am.  While I do enjoy my time just flitting about doing what I want or reading, whatever, at this late hour, I recognize the need to live less like a vampire and more like a human being.  H doesn’t get up till really late, so neither was I.  Usually.

At 10:30 I took a sleep aide.  This is a first.  I have never tried one before and thought that this might be a good idea to help me get a kick start on my new hours.  John, who has been having hell with this respiratory infection and coughing like a three pack a day smoker,  is blissfully asleep and not coughing.  I begin puttering around the house getting just a few more things done before hitting the sack.  Putting away any food left out, corralling the pets, locking the doors, etc.  I went in and climbed in bed, really feeling the effects of this sleep aide now.  Wow!  This is awesome I am so sleepy, gonna be a great nights sleep, I bet John’s coughing won’t even keep me up.

So I am drifting off, picturing smothering John with a pillow if he starts coughing and what do I hear?

Go on.  Take a guess.

The bell.

Henrietta is aaaaaall  over ringing that bell.  It sounded a tad frantic,  shook long and hard.  (Heh, I said “long and hard”.  John’s gonna razz me ’bout that.)

It was 11:20pm.  I went in and she was all in a dither.  “Krissa, I have to poooooooop!”

Er… ok.

I put her on the pot and she did.


runny, yet not diarrhea

amount: substantial

odor: not as bad as some, worse than others

messiness: about half in diaper, half in bedpan.

She was freaked out beyond belief.  It was… (cue the scary music), the dreaded U.P.*

Then again at 12:40am the bell again.  I literally staggered into the room.   Yanked off the diaper and shoved a bedpan under her butt, all the while fielding questions about what  was the matter with her.

Yeah, that sleep aide was kicking my ass.

She kept insisting that the food she ate was what upset her.  This is what she always says.  As far as she knows she has never had a virus, it’s always the food.  We all ate the food and I pointed that out to her.  We were all fine, albeit sleepy.  But, no. She has “a delicate stomach” and when things are bad for her they make her sick.


I went back to sleep about 1:00am and then there was a repeat performance about 4:45.  She was absolutely beside herself.  Shaking and babbling about the poop.  There was no poop, but she was a wired mess anticipating it.  I went and got her an Ativan and gave it to her and she slept.  So did I, finally.  But poor John kept coughing and with all of H’s pooping and his coughing I don’t think he ever did get much.

So I slept in again this morning, *sigh* and Henrietta didn’t wake up until 1:00pm.  She has taken to her sickbed and won’t be getting up today.  She is all about anticipating the next poop.