Well, it’s 12:54 and I’m just now getting coffee made.  What does this say about me?




*Sigh* You people are never gonna get it… I’m a masochist…or maybe just stupid?   But hey, Henrietta is chowing down on her oatmeal and will soon be waiting for her egg.  So I am gonna pour a cupacoffee and whip out that egg and toast and sausage.


OK, I lied…  you’ve been waiting for a long, looooong time.  It is now 1:38 and I changed clothes and put on some war paint makeup, because a friend is coming over with her life partner.  That’s right, I said it.  Didn’t know I was so eclectic with my friends, did ya?  Oh, yeah.  I got all kinds.  Just not any that I see very often.  So when Connie called and told me to try to look presentable cause they were coming over I hustled right on in and did just that.

Presentable.  That’s me.

Meanwhile Keelan came home from the beauty shop where she had a foot of hair hacked off and it looks really great!  She got some little bangs things, too.  Oh, for heaven’s sake, I’ll just go get a picture.






And then there’s this… just to prove she loves me.

Henrietta is staying in bed again today.  She is a nervous wreck and I really can’t do much with her.  I already fed her a dose of Malox that Connie brought over with her cause we were out and, essentially, burped her.  She had a poo that was NOT a UP.  It was all regular time frame however a bit runny due, no doubt, to her nervous disposition.  She is shaking like a leaf and still talking about all the poo’s.  Color, consistency, amount… etc.

Well, that’s about all on  the poop front.  I will keep you updated, cause I just know that’s what’s on your mind!