Did you know that a smallish Phillips screwdriver makes an excellent back scratcher?  Yup.  It’s… working… out… great.  Aaaah!  I feel better now.  It would have been better if John had been here for that but, I am handy with tools. heh

Stayed on the phone with Dell for roughly 45 minutes today.  Fixed the pooter.  Well, with the help of Armand.   Ask for him if you need tech support. The only bad thing about all that is that the new hard drive we bought, ($69.99 and “spins” millions of times faster and is prettier and cleans the mud off of it’s feet before entering the house), is reported by Armand to be “wrong” for my trusty little pink Dell.  No, it won’t “take” it.  I am still willing to shove that little bastard in there and see.  I am smart enough to wait and do it when John is home and I can blame it on him if it doesn’t work and my pooter blows up.

This ain’t my first rodeo.


I am doodling with a post that’s a bit… heavy, at this point.

Consider yourself warned.

Have I mentioned that Pop has Alzheimer’s?  How’s that for a bombshell?  Maybe not so much for you as this family, OK that’s just silly, of course not so much for you as this family.  Geeze.  We have “known” for some time now, but it seems to be moving so FAST.  It’s not just the “forgetful disease”.  It’s not just “oldtimers disease”.  It is so much more.  It is so physically debilitating and emotionally gut wrenching.  The mood swings are unbelievable.  Manic highs and then a rage that no one ever saw coming.  It is totally scary.  And then there is my mom.  Mither is unbelievably strong through all of this.   Mainly, because there is no other choice.  She, cries from time to time, she’d have to, being human and all, but she tries so hard not to take anything ugly he’s saying personally.  The most bizarre things pop into his head and to him they are just as real as if they actually went down that way.  Strange things, some of which make no difference to anybody, and other things that it is very important that he realize are not true.  Only it IS true… to him.   The yelling and cussing and slamming of doors.  That’s the worst it’s gotten.  Well, that and the extreme public embarrassment.

His frailty is amazing, he can barely get up by himself from a sitting position.  He must have a cane at all times and he stumbles so easily.

But what happens when he gets physically abusive?  Mither says, with no equivocation, “Nursing home.”.  There’s one not too far away from them in Bridgeport, for Alzheimer’s patients.  A lock down unit.

Well, how was that for a heavy topic?  And really it wasn’t pointless.  I guess it’s just been weighing on my mind and so out it came.