Today started out well enough.  I pretty much slept in as long as I wanted.  Was awoken by a loving husband.  (In a loving way.)  Got up and did what had to be done for H., (just some breakfast and running a bit.  Laundry, dishes, etc.).  Relaxed with John while I waited on the inevitable ring of the bell indicating time for the bedpan and ubiquitous poop.  Did that, dressed her, hauled her into the wheelchair and brushed her hair.  John was running errands all over the place.

I sat down at the laptop.  Innocently.  Not knowing what was to come.  I checked emails, and did some reading on some blogs.  Was just sitting there enjoying myself and the little deal popped up asking me if I wanted to UPDATE my:


iTunes and Quicktime

I unchecked the Safari one and hit OK, or update, or go ahead, or knock yourself out, or whatever it said to continue.

It did.

It promptly told me that my hard drive had crashed and burned.   I wanted to cry.

Fair warning:

If anyone comments or emails me saying I should back everything up I will seek you out and assassinate you!  I KNOW!

The good news?  OK, the hard drive we get to replace the one it came with will be better and faster than the one it came with.

Sorry, that’s about all I could come up with at the last minute.

I am sitting at the desk on the, ahem, other computer.  It is a Vista piece o’ crap and while I really, REALLY want a Mac next, I am thinking it’s not in the budget.

So, shit.  Here I sit.  Wanting to spit?  No, no. NO.  Do not get me started!

I will be running to Fry’s later this evening and doing some pooter repairs when I get back home.  I just wanted everyone to know this was typed on a different keyboard and that’s why it looks different. 😉  heh