Here I am, good as my word.  Even though I have TONS of laundry and some dishes to wash in the sink that won’t even fit in my dishwasher, (I am talking some BIG pans), and I have not bathed in two days, (seriously, don’t get any closer… you’ve been warned).   I am going to put down the second book in a really pretty good series that I am trying to finish stop all the housework and devote precious time to posting some wonderful pictures!

Man, I need a high dollar better camera!


If Only I had a better camera for closeups…  Oh well, I thought it was neat that they had crystal do-dads hanging from tree branches here and there.


My “junk” never looks this cool.


There were arbors everywhere!



Here we have actual EVIDENCE of some sort of maniacal witchcraft.  A hairy chicken.  I am not even kidding.


I tried to get some of the magic chicken feed that it’s eating, sure that I could make millions from it by selling it to bald men, but alas, it also has knife-like talons, laser beam eyes and shark-like teeth.  I almost lost an arm.

I moved on.

DSC00899A fig tree!  This place can’t be all scary!  It even has (green) figs all over it.


See what happens when I try to get a close up of anything?  *pout*

DSC00884Here is a really neat thing that I am so looking forward to doing!  The drunken hussies lovely ladies that run the place have collected wine bottles and made a really cool looking border.  I think it’s neat looking.  I am saving my own bottles collecting them from donators.


Here we have a week’s worth a couple of years worth of collecting.

I have plans for them.

DSC00880Bye, from Main Street Home and Garden!