Hello me lovelies!  I know I have been out of pocket lately, and I truly apologize for not commenting on your posts for  much of the last week, but I have been at Mither’s and Pop’s.  Yes, again!  We squirmed and wormed until we found a way for Henrietta to have someone here with her all the time and everyone pitched in to make it happen.  Then I left on Friday the 24th of last month and returned on Friday the 31st!   A whole week!  Alone at my parents house!  We had a ball.

Before I left I cleaned house like a mad woman.  Swept, mopped, vacuumed, did every speck of laundry in the place, I mean I washed things that I’m pretty sure had never before been washed, like…. baseboards-behind the furniture.   I was amping up.  So I left and came back home a week later to, this:


This was made the day before I got back…


It was empty when I left and empty when I got back.  But of course the sink, counters and stove top were empty when I left, too.


There were stacks of laundry  in the floor to be done and a load in the dryer and washer, both.  Not to mention the basket of clean that needs to be folded.  The two bath mats that were my last load to do before I left and, (shamefully), left in the dryer were on the floor beside the piles of dirty(?) clothes.  All they had to do with them was throw them back in the floor in the guest bathroom.

Needless to say I was a bit surprised.  I do believe my parting words were, “Pick up after yourselves!  You’re not a bunch of two year old’s.  The house is perfectly clean, just keep it that way.”

Oh.  Did I say “parting words”?  I meant famous last words.  Like I didn’t really know this was coming.  To their credit, the dishwasher was completely loaded, run and unloaded…. twice  during the week.  For a family of four.  I am scared to get close enough to anyone to smell their clothes.

However, I will say this; they did a bang up job taking care of H.  She did her usual thing that I warned them about, where she tests the limits of her authority with everything and she did pitch a couple of fits and cried a least twice about things that nobody had any control over.  But, all in all, they kept her in line.  She has had no complaints about her treatment since I got home.  I need to just leave a gag and ropes for her care more often.  JOKING!  I’M JUST JOKING!   Do not call the elder abuse people on me.

I have many more photos of all the wonders that are Mither and Pop’s place and Decatur in general.  So stay tuned!  They’ll be stories to go along with them!