While I was at Mither’s and Pop’s house, my auntiepoo, Merrinette, had a birthday!  Like the outstanding family we are, we made her come to see us so we would have a reason to celebrate invited her over and we sat around and giggled and ribbed one another until we could no longer stand it and we did what anybody in Texas does when having their birthday with their sister and niece and grand-daughter.  We went out for Mexican food.  And oh, it was sooooo good.

Here’s a shot of Merrinette and Taylee, her lovely grand-daughter.

DSC00918Note the crown of significance on her head.  BIRTHDAY GIRL!

DSC00912Here she is sporting a different crown.  This one is a bit more…less slutty laid back than the, ahem, after five one above.   It never hurts a girl to have a good choice of crowns.  And please take a moment to notice how well her hair poofed up behind it,(we DO live in Texas, after all), AND the sparkle in her eyes.

DSC00927And here’s the evil siblings sisters themselves!  Merrinette and Kerry Lynda.  AKA Auntiepoo and Mither.  Here comes trouble!DSC00922

And it wouldn’t be a post of pictures of the two of them without the gratuitous shot of them trying vainly to have only the one chin.  Yes, that is exactly what they’re doing.  There is nothing unusual on the ceiling.

Did I mention they’re a little nuts and I come by it quite honestly?  Yeah, well…..ya know.

Moving right along.


Fajitas!!!! And we ate and ate and ate.  And then we were so full we decided we needed to take a nap.

BUT!  Before we returned we went by one of my favorite places in Decatur!


DSC00873Here are Mither and Auntiepoo going into the wonderful, magical Main Street Home and Gardens.  Possibly my favorite place ever.  Other than Mither’s!  And Auntiepoo’s!  Whew!  Couldn’t forget that!

Here are just a few pics to whet your appetite until tomorrow when I show you all around the place!  It really is a magic spot and besides, it’s where I get the black magic stuff to keep H in line we are all going to have lunch the next time I go visit.  Sadly, we didn’t have time this day.




DSC00908Free Toes, everybody!