• Jeeze!  We need to water the lawn!  It is dying out there!  But, on the plus side… we haven’t mowed in about a month.
  • John was off for two days in a row and the house looks like… Bosnia.   I never get any of the usual laundry and picking up done when he’s off work cause I spend most of my time with him just cause I usually can.  He’s almost never off two days in a row and he practically never takes a weekend day so the caregiver provider lady is usually here with H.  Which means we are out and about.
  • I need to move the critter feed in closer to the house where it’ll be in the shade along with the water bowl.  The Cardinals and Blue Jays, squirrels  and a pair of doves have taken that thing over.
  • The girls and I were standing around in the kitchen and we all received texts from John at about the same time saying exactly the same thing.  “What’s up?  How’s it going?”

We had a good laugh about it and all wrote back and sent the messages at the exact same time saying, “You triple texted us!  No fair!  We want our own original, personalized messages!”  He wrote back and said, “LOL” to one girl, “LOL, OK” to the other girl and, “LMAO!”, to me.

Heh.  He’s trying.

  • Stupid Microsoft!  Those rat bastards have pissed me off!  If there was every any question about us buying a Mac the next time we purchase a computer, it has been answered.  We have a Microsoft keyboard that is in fine working order and has no problem at all except that one of the two little plastic feet that make it elevate in the back of it has broken off.  These feet fold under, (for some reason I can’t figure), and the one that is missing simply broke and came off.

I think no problem, right?  I mean I have located many different 800 numbers for large companies before to get replacement parts to things that have broken, and in my experience, not only do they send the part immediately, but I have never even been charged shipping,  for the part.

I remember when my kids were little and a piece of their Little Tykes kitchen would get chewed up by the dog or lost, I would call the 800 number on the kitchen and they happily sent me whatever was asked for.  Free.

Most recently I had a problem with our Kohler faucet and called them and told them what was happening.  They diagnosed the problem and sent me several new things to swap out on it. Free.

Do you think Microsoft was this accommodating? The little man was a bit of a jerk and said, “No, you’ll have to buy a new keyboard.”  They don’t replace parts.

I bet Apple does.

  • The other day I went into Keelan’s room and she was playing Fable on her game system thing and I sat down and asked her the basic questions anyone as video-stupid as me would ask.

OK Keelan, soooo, who are you?

I’m the dude fighting the Boverines.

Your a guy?

Yeah, I wanted to be a guy this time.  And I bought him all those tattoos.

I see… and he’s bald.

Yeah.  He’s bald, but it looks good on him, don’t you think?  I mean he’s really buff.

Oh, yeah.  He’s hot.  So are you a good guy or a bad guy, cause he seems to be whacking everything with that sword….?

Well, I can pick either one, and this time I chose to be a bad guy, but actually I’m a bit bipolar, cause I do something nice every now and then.

And about this time a sweet, little maiden-looking person showed up on screen and  a heart popped up over her head as she clasped her hands together and gazed at our buff, bald, tattoo riddled warrior.  As the words, “Oh, look… she’s in love with you!”, escaped my mouth, Keelan’s guy whipped around and slugged her.  With his fist!  And as Keelan said, “Yeah, she’s stupid and I don’t want to get married this time.”, the maiden said, “Oh!  That’s not nice… what’s wrong?”

I guess that chick really was stupid.