Henrietta is MOST unhappy with the temperature in the house at night. Her room is the one that’s the warmest in the summer always, (furthest away from the unit in the attic and therefore gets the least amount of cool air coming through her air vent), and she refuses to sleep with her ceiling fan on any higher than low. I tried to get her to let me turn it on medium and she tried to die saying how sick it would make her. Fine. Then suck it up and quit complaining.
Our electric bill was $500.00 LAST month. I can see that in August, we are going to be battling to keep it under $800.00. So the thermostat has been turned up. To a sweltering…. 74. OOOOOO. Yeah, I know. Everybody else is quite comfortable and keeps the ceiling fan on in the room they are in. She was quite upset when I told her that I had turned up the thermostat and that’s why she gets hot at night. It’s the same temperature, but she’s hot since she’s in bed and she needs to let me turn her fan on higher.
Very indignant, “Krissa. WHY do you have air conditioning?”
I admit, I stared at her a moment looking puzzled. (I CAN’T HELP MYSELF!) “To cool the house?”
Well you have to USE it!  I’m elderly and I can’t tolerate the heat like that! You need to turn on the AIR Krissa!  I will help you pay the bill.  I explained for the millionth time that she already helps us pay for things and NONE OF US CAN AFFORD FOR OUR LIGHT BILLS TO BE THAT MUCH.

“Krissa, is John here?”  Heh.  She really thinks she’s “going over my head” by talking to him.

“No, he’s at work, but he will tell you the exact same thing.”

At this point I had a minor brain storm and sent The Boyfriend out to the garage to get a standing fan that’s been out there for years.  I then plopped it down in the hall several feet from her door.  She’s in the opposite corner in bed looking at it and started immediately bellyaching about how she can’t have a fan on her and OOOOOOOH NOOOOOOO! I just CAN’T, Krissa!  I turned it on pointed it toward her door walked in, leaned over her and said, “It’s not blowing on YOU!  It’s pulling the cool air into the room!

She motioned for me to wait while she determined if I was lying or not and then slowly said, “OK… I guess that’s all right…”.  I was then waved off while she finished up using the bedpan.

Tonight? I am tempted to freeze her shrivled up little ass off.  Heh.