To all of those of you harassing me to… dammit, post again, fine.  Here!  Happy?!  It’s Friday and no one will even read this until Monday… It’s totally useless.  UNLESS, YOU! YES YOU, THE ONE THAT HAS NEVER COMMENTED!  EVER!  Will kindly leave a comment and say that, in fact, you DID read and now feel that you can go on living until the next untimely installment.

The thing is, lately especially, I’ll have several ideas rolling around in my head, (Yes, rolling.  That’s what things do in my head…), and as soon as I sit down to post, *POOF* It’s gone.  Or at least the ability to write about it in any kind of readable way is.

This shit is so random, I don’t even feel that apologizing for it is the least bit useful.


Keelan missed school last Monday due to puking and diarrhea.  (Dear God, please don’t let her read this.)  Then, on Wednesday she went to school and work then home again where I found her curled up on the couch with a flame red face and 102.5 degree fever.  My first thought was, “Strep throat!”.  I called and made an appointment with her pediatrician for the next day and John took her and brought her home.  He had to cut out of work in the middle of the day to do so.  (Remember, I can’t drive due to a vision blindness problem.)

He called me from the doctor’s office and told me it was just tonsillitis.  OK, this is good.

Keelan walked in the door with her father when they got home, looked at me and said, “Mom, she said it’s just tuberculosis.”

I stared at her for a moment and said, “Tuberculosis?”

“Yeah… well, something like that.”

“You mean tonsillitis?”


Then, later, in the same day, We were discussing her infancy and when she was a newborn.

“Mom, what was the matter with me?”  To which I gave her a puzzled look.  “You know, Mom… I had, gingivitis?”.

I can only say my puzzled look grew more puzzled.  “Do you mean jaundice?”

“Oh yeah!  That’s it!”

For Christmas, I’m getting her a medical dictionary.