John deals with vendors of all sorts at his store.  The beer vendors are THE BEST.  Well, from my perspective anyway.  They are always getting us tickets to one thing or another.  The Astros game, was on Thursday and the Galveston County Fair, and Rodeo Cook-off was on Friday.  With John on vacation, we were aaaaaaall over it.
Dienst Distributing Co. gave him tickets to the Miller Tent at the shindig and it was all you could eat and drink.  There was a live band and he even danced with me!  I had to lube him up a good deal, but the beer was free, so what the hell!
My grizzled man after not shaving for 6 days… and a few beers.
Over the head shot at the band.  We were up pretty close.  There were about 150 people in a huge tent.
And finally.  How smart am I?  I dug out our handy dandy engraver and had The Boyfriend engrave my name and phone number on my camera.
But Krissa, why did you ask him to do it and not do it yourself? I’ll tell you.  That thing is HARD to control.  My handwriting is crappy at best, but I can’t make anything look remotely legible with the engraver.  The Boyfriend is super artsy-fartsy talented, and can make anything look good.  He had much better control of the deal.
John laughed and said that it wouldn’t keep anybody from stealing it, but I think it would HELP.  I mean I asked him to do it on the front of it and who would want to own a camera that had someone else’s name and number on it?  I just think that it would help ensure that someone would call me if I misplace it.  Remember that my last camera got “lost”.  Directly out of my purse.
And finally.  The very most important part of my adventures on John’s vacay.  I absolutely adore World Market.  That’s where you can go to get this and…
Stock this up!
OMG!  These are the very best things ev-vah!  If you have any way to try them at all, get them!  They used to have them at Morrow’s Nut House years and years ago when there was a store in the local mall.  I think Morrow’s has gone out of business now.  At least they’re not down here anymore.  I haven’t had them in years and am SOOOOO excited to have found them!
Excuse me now… I’m drooling all over the keyboard.