Hi people!  Yesterday, after I posted that posty post about the wonders of Crystal the Prolific Caregiver, I snuck over behind Henrietta’s wheelchair where she couldn’t see me and pulled open her window about a foot so I would be able to hear her if she rang the *&^%$#@! bell.  I then went outside and pulled weeds like mad.  I had almost worked my way all the way across the beds in the front of the house when, while covered with dirt and wearing no make up at all, (not to mention with a bright red zit in the middle of my chin), a car pulled in and the little lady in it rolled down her window and asked if I was Ms. Lopez.  I asked her if she was a process server said yes, and she said her name was Tanya and she was our new caregiver.  She had gotten out of the car at this point and I yanked off my gardening glove and shook her hand.  She said she was just driving by so she would be sure and know where the house was tomorrow and thought she’d stop when she saw me.  (I’m hard to miss when I’m bent over in a flower bed with my ass poked out toward the road.  I gave her extra points for failing to mention this.)  Anyway, I asked her if she wanted to go in and meet Henrietta and she said sure, so she did and we really like her a lot.  A very sweet and outgoing, friendly person.

She showed up today, right on time and was a sweet, talkative little dear.  She kept laughing at every weird little thing Henrietta said and it just delighted her.  She likes her a lot.  Her husband came to the door and rang the bell to pick her up.  Didn’t sit out in the driveway and honk the horn like an ill bred teenage boy.  As soon as she left H said, “Oh! Krissa!  We’ve got to keep her!”

Could she be the one?  Is she going to be the caregiver I’v always dreamed of.  My match made in heaven?  Why do I feel like registering at the local department stores?