You know how you feel when something you’ve been dreading for a long time is over with and it kind of came and went without a bang at all?  How, the relief just isn’t quite enough and so you’re downright giddy?

Me.  Right now.

Went to the Dr. and got me some Rx’s for meds that will make me tolerable able to tolerate all this crap.  And when I say, “crap”, I mostly mean that figuratively.

Lisa went with me and I’m not SURE, but I suspect she was worried I wouldn’t go in and she was just going to leave me there.  That bitch is no nonsense about several things and when she says, “Are you medicated? …Well you need to be!”  You best pay attention.    So, in order to keep from having a nervous breakdown Lisa happy I had to get in and see the woman with the prescription pad.

On our way back home afterward, we pulled into John’s store and Lisa picked up some wine.  Ten bottles, to be exact.  She grabbed some wine totes to get it all out to the car and put her grandson’s, car seat to good use.

That chick is downright clever if she absolutely has to be.

OH!  This just in!  John heard back from his doc today and his tests all came back negative.  Not thyroid.  Not diabetes.  Cholesterol a “little bit high, but nothing to be worried about”.  So now what?  He lost 65 pounds in the last 4 months and I’m thinking that we may have to start to look in… awkward areas.  He is going to throw a fit and try to get out of it, but he’s just going to have to deal.

Maybe I could hook him up with some of my meds… 😉