She has been in hospital for a solid week today.  Is she ever getting out?  We don’t know.  She is having a hard time grasping her sanity still.  A couple of days ago, I pointed out that we were all assuming that the Levaquin antibiotics were making her loopy as she was hallucinating all manner of bizarre  things.  So they took her off of it and put her on some other kind.  Well, today she is still bat shit crazy.  Pointing to the TV and saying look at those two kids and their mother!  The TV was off.  Telling stories of the other patients coming in her room and arguing with the nurses and aides that, in her mind, want to congregate in there for gossip sessions.  Because, let me tell you people, she loves to hear the gossip.  While they are not really all assembling in her room for these sessions, she is coming up with some juicy hospital gossip on her own. And beating off the “large black men” all night that come in to terrorize her.  Re-freakin-diculous.

So I am heading up there again here in a minute to try to make sense of everything and get her set straight.

While she’s been gone, I can honestly say I’ve spent all my spare time getting lots of stuff done.  This house has a ton of wood paneled walls and I spent almost all of one afternoon and evening and almost all of the next, rubbing them down with Scott’s Liquid Gold.  I hadn’t done it all winter and they were dry.

I started in the Living Room and I rubbed every bit of these walls down with a rag and that oily crap.

Back here too.  Oh, and over the tops of the windows and underneath them…

Here’s Keelan trying to not look awed by the brilliant shine coming off of the freshly polished cabinets in the kitchen.  AAAAALL of them.  The teeny- tiny, microscopic sized kitchen has all wood cabinets.  All the way around.  I didn’t take any pics in there, but you get the picture… er, whatever.

The breakfast area has wood panels all around the bottom and trim around the windows and door, plus the door into the utility room, front and back.   On into the…

This is the other side of the breakfast area.  I have a confession.  I didn’t do the cabinets up above.  I’ve thought about it a good deal It crossed my mind that I could just do them real quick and call it all done, but, standing there in front of them, you really can’t tell they haven’t been done unless you squint and then again there’s the fact that I didn’t go ALL the way to the ceiling on some of the areas…  And then there was that time in first grade that I stole a rock from Dan Stembridge’s rock collection because I COVETED IT.

There.  That’s all the confession you’re getting out of me.  I won’t talk, I say!  JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ABOUT IT, PLEEEEASE!

Ok.  Moving right along…

Here we have the small, mildly retarded, dog.  She is being awed by the fresly oiled door behind her and the cabinets on both sides of her.  Quite possibly she is scared to move and cause one of her roving hairballs/ dustbunnies, as I am sure it would immediately stick to any oily spot it came across.

There is more of the oiled wood.  Both downstairs bathrooms have wood cabinets and then there’s the front and back of every. single. door.  I swear the doors in this house multiplied when they heard I was actually going to do some housework.  I really don’t remember having that many.

Today, I will dust ceiling fans because, they are the grossest thing you have ever seen.  Wads and balls of dust and hair are stuck to the sides of each blade.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, Gee, wouldn’t it have been smarter to dust the ceiling fans first and then, after all the dust has settled, oil the doors?

Well, I am SURE you’re just over thinking things and this will turn out fine and I will certainly not have hairy, dusty walls and doors.