Well, when John left the doctor’s office he dropped in at the house before heading back to work.  I told him I knew he was trying to catch me with men in the house.  He sail no, it was his mom he was trying to catch.

OK.  I can accept this.

Anyway, I was really glad he thought to come by to tell me what was discussed at his appointment.  And, almost best of all, he really liked the doctor and said that he put him at ease and seemed very reasonable.
This, coming from a man that repeatedly said something to the effect of, “I’m not going to let them make me do a whole bunch of shit!”.  Defensive, much?  Yeah.

He told John that it could very well be one of two things: Thyroid, (hyper active) or diabetes.

Anyway, doc suggested that they START with a full blood panel and see what that reveals.  Then take it from there.

Gee.  This just seems so reasonable.

So, he has a hole in his arm is running a few test tubes low, but other than that he feels MUCH better.  For now.

I am extremely relieved.