Finally.  And not a moment too soon, I might add, I got one hell of a haircut!  I HATED my hair.  It was constantly falling into my eyes,  took forever to “do”, and always looked like shit no matter how long I worked on it.

The way it is now is how it used to be when I spent more time trying to keep myself looking decent and took the time to escape and get my hair cut from time to time.  To say I am a “low maintainence” gal is an understatement of biblical proportion.  However, I feel so much better about myself, my family and life in general now that I can’t possibly justify letting myself get in that condition again.  I made an appointment to get it cut again in 5 weeks before I left he salon.

Even John, who likes it to be “just a bit longer” than it is now, and used to tease me when I got this cut and tell me to go to the barber shop with him and ask for a “regular boy’s”, cause it’d be much cheaper,  had told me that I needed to go get a haircut.

Yes,THAT bad.

Ideally, I would want to look like the chick on Dirty Sexy Money that is the wife to the main character.  I don’t even know what her name is and this is me, too lazy to do my internet homework and find out for you.

BUT, it IS me and I won’t let you down completely.  Here is a picture of her and her on screen husband.  He looks , like crap, I don’t know why, but, she is adorable as ever.  If anyone can get away with a really, really short haircut, it’s her.  (If ONLY I were that skinny and adorable!)

So here it is… a quick shot I took of myself in my bathroom, no less.   No matter what anyone thinks of it, this hair is so much more workable than the previous mop as far as the person underneath it goes, there is no comparison.