Hello and happy new year to you!  I really do hope everyone got dug out and had a good time last night!

John and I made our way to Friendswood where we attended the same New Year’s shindig we go to almost every year that some good friends have.  There was much fireworks, drinking, (by some), and carrying on.

Before we left I questioned Henrietta to ascertain whether or not she wanted to wait up for us or go to bed a little early and watch TV in there.  I felt certain she would want to be put in bed and sure enough, she did.  Keelan was staying home and does not do transfers, (I feel quite certain that she would like me to point out at this time she does not do diapers or bedpans either.), so John and I took her in and put her to bed.

After I had brought her her toothbrush and pills and refilled her water glass, changed her diaper and put on her nightgown, I made a big production of checking her window and making sure it was locked.  I then took her wheelchair from the usual resting spot and parked it as far away from her as possible.  She was watching me silently.  Then when I looked at her she said, “Krissa, what on earth are you doing?”

I said, “I’m just making sure that you don’t have a bunch of men in here for cocktails tonight while we’re gone!”

She grinned really big, chuckled and said, “I MIGHT!”