NaBloPoMo may be a HUGE mistake for me.  I am telling you that being forced to write every single day is making my blogs weak, people!

So far today, my good friend and recent birthday party and cake eating participant, Lisa, popped in for a minute and snagged a cute little antique oak breakfast table from my garage.  I have had it for a good while and wanted a round one to fit better into the little breakfast area alcove.  So when I got it, I stuck the square one in the garage where it is just taking up more space with tons of H’s crap.  I was happy to see it go and I hope it works out for her cause she is really sweet, but mostly because I DON’T WANT ANY MORE CRAP IN MY GARAGE AND I AM NOT TAKING IT BACK… *evil, maniacal laughter* Yes indeedy.  Her problem now.

Also, Rich, from across the street where the shindigs are almost always held, brought back over my little crock pot that we took there on Halloween when all the neighbors get together in his driveway and eat and drink and give out tons of candy.  We just turn out our porch lights and all collect there with bags of candy for one big bowl and then make sure the kids get several handfuls.  How’s that for a step saver?  It’s certainly more fun for the grownups.

He didn’t bring the lid to the crock pot back with it and I didn’t realize it until after he’d left.  Now, do I call him and ask if it’s over there and maybe he just didn’t realize that it went to the crock pot?  Go over and ask if her forgot to include it?  Wait for a ransom note?

Keelan is sitting here in front of me texting and it is annoying.

Speaking of annoying…

It is 74 degrees in this house and while I am comfortable with the ceiling fans on and the windows open, H is cloistered in her room and insisted on wearing a three quarter length sleeved shirt today.  She has the light sheen of perspiration on her brow and upper lip.  She is steadfast in her resolve.  This IS November and she WILL dress accordingly.  I don’t get it.  She has lived here, in the armpit of Texas, her whole life and she knows how hot it stays year round.  She’s a strange old bird.

And the really big news is that on Friday John was off work and we went out to eat at the Chinese restaurant we always go to in Friendswood.  We took Keelan with us, as H was here with the caregiver provider person.  Kessa called while we were there and she was close by so she joined us.  That was the first time in years that we have all gone out to eat together.  Usually one of the girls is stuck here with H or one of them is at school or work or some such thing.  It was fun and it makes me determined to do it again soon.

This is really sad and pathetic and I’m sorry, but sooner or later you’ll learn from your my mistake and stop coming back…

Hey, it’s only 3:30 now.  Maybe something else will happen!

OK!  Developments!  It is now 5:00 pm and older child’s boyfriend brought the lawn mower back he had borrowed and mowed the front yard and did the blower thing.

Henrietta just got through coming into the living room for the first time today.  Don’t know why she is being so anti-social lately.

This is getting a bit painful.  Not for me.  YOU.

That’s all I got people.