Hello interpeeps!  And how are things for YOU today?  Well, I hope.

John spent all day yesterday slaving away at work trying to get the store “right” for the “company” that was coming today.  In *store name deleted for privacy*-land, “company” is what they call the suits.  Upper class men.  Big-wigs.  Corporate jerks.  Whatev.  Anyway, he went in at 5:00 again this morning and worked his cute hiney off.  Company showed up finally, at about 5:00 this evening.  He called me a little bit ago and said they were making sounds about all going out for food, or drinks or something and he asked me if he should go, should they ask him.

Uh, YES!

I know it seems too obvious to ask the “little wife”, but I know what he was thinking.  He is wiley, that one.  He was thinking that TODAY is Kessa’s birthday and she is now 19 years old and she may be aggravated that he wasn’t here for it and if he can get me to issue a directive that he must do something, (even for the good of us all), then he escapes her wrath.  I fall in the grease.  However, she is an intelligent girl and will realize the importance of what he did so the grease will not be hot.  It could be anywhere from from lukewarm to tepid.  No biggie.

And here is the birthday girl!  I told her she has made me  an old woman.  She laughed!

So, he is off doing… oh, who reeeeeeally knows?  And I am sitting here patiently anticipating some sort of career boost, at least in the near future.  I am telling you, John can be charming.  Really, really charming.  I mean he got me! heh heh heh

Kes went out to eat with her boyfriend and they had a really nice time.  They went to a very nice non-chain Italian restaurant in Houston.  Her sister has already claimed the doggy bag they brought back.

I spent the better part of the early evening with the younger one at the Dr’s office.  I made her an appointment last week and I hated to do it on Kes’s birthday, but this was the first available appointment and she is in need of some anti-depressants.  Kes was understanding about us leaving her here with her grandmother for hours while we sat in the waiting room.

She will benefit from her sister being on antidepressants as much as the rest of us.  I just want to reap the benefits as soon as possible.  Bless her heart, she is a bit of a mess right now.  Only not all the time.  It’s really deceptive with her.  She is giggling and silly one moment and then the next she is the bitch from hell tearing into everybody and on the verge of tears the next moment.  She wants to do nothing but sleep and I’m sure she actually is emotionally exhausted all the time.  But, mostly, I think it’s just that sleep thing that everyone,(?) does when depressed.  Escape.

Remember, I don’t drive and why?  Well, I don’t and all that.  My friend, Lisa took us and came back after eons and picked us up.  Tomorrow the big news is that I am going over to Lisa’s house to help her take aaaaall her stuff out of her kitchen cabinets in order to have the new ones installed on Wednesday.

Now, Lisa is another wiley one and she has been concocting plans to haul Henrietta over there in her car.  A long time ago the plan to haul H anywhere wasn’t that big a deal.  She only weighed about 70-75 lbs when she came to live with us and I just picked her happy little ass up and put her where ever she needed to be.  In the car?  No problem.  Out of the car, back in the wheelchair?  Same thing.  Well, now she’s gotta be about 95 lbs and I have gotten four years older.

She is freakin’ heavy.

So, while there is supposed to be a visit from the Caregiver Provider person tomorrow for three hours, if we run over, we can run here to pick up H and take her with us.  This doesn’t sound like as big a deal as it really is.  H tends to be a bit agoraphobic.  This is why she hasn’t been outside since her last hospital visit.  Well, I don’t think it’s been that long, but it’s been a long time.  About about 6 months, now.

She doesn’t have panic attacks or anything like that, and if she started to I have her trusty ativan to “fix things”.  But, she just finds it very inconvenient.  She “doesn’t want to.”  But I do know the worst thing I can do is to warn her that’s what we’re doing.  If she has time to think about it and ponder all the evil consequences, well, it grows in magnitude until I have been trying to get her to fly to the moon.  Sans spaceship.

So.  Tomorrow will be interesting.  We may not need to bring her over.  But if we do…. it will be interesting.