NaBloPoMo is really applying the pressure now.  Yup.  Only five days in and already I am seizing up… word wise.

I don’t have much of anything…  I went running around with Lisa, of birthday fame, (several posts ago), and she bought a few new things to wear.  All I found that I both liked and could afford was a tube of mascara.  Good news, it’s a perfect fit!

I got one load of laundry done.  Whites.  Actually, that’s a lie.  I’ve only washed them and they’re still in the washer…

The vet went out to see Dandy and Alcape and basically he just wormed the horses, gave Keelan a list of crap she needs to go and pick up and apply to Dandy’s leg wound, and then charged her $230.00 and left.

Why didn’t I marry a vet?  Because John is so cute?  Yup.

H. was a bit irritated that I ran out on her as soon as she was done pooping.  It was obvious when I got home and she asked if she had gotten her church bulletin in the mail yet.  I told her no, I’d go get the mail and see if it came today. (The bank of mailboxes is down just a little past the corner. I live right beside the house on the corner.)  It was dark outside.  She said, “OOOOOH NO, KRISSA!  You need to stay put!”

Of course I immediately left and got the mail.  She didn’t get the bullitin and she probably thinks I hid it from her.

Oh!  I also finished The Host this morning.  After the Twilight series I picked it up and man, is it different!  Nothing like the series.  If it wasn’t written on the spine, I would never think it had the same author.  It was good, though.

Uuuuuuuuuh.  Can’t think of another damn thing……