Well, the SIL showed up today.  She hasn’t been here to visit H in a few weeks.  In her defense, (and it doesn’t happen often that I say anything in her defense…), she is without a car right now.  Of course that doesn’t stop her from timing her visit to coincide with my finishing up getting H off the pot and cleaned up.  Somehow she is never here in time to do the potty for HER mother.  It happens at almost the exact same time everyday, and she knows this.  Well, at least she dressed her and drug her into the wheelchair.

I am now hiding in the bedroom and giving her the opportunity to spend some time with her.

Just went in there for coffee and SIL is watching a sappy movie on Lifetime and H is reading the newspaper.  Oh well.  So much for communication.

I think I will go and fetch the broom, and mop stuff and clean the floor in my bathroom as I washed all the bathmats yesterday and I HATE putting them down on the disgusting, hairy, powdery, floor.

Did that, just waiting for the shine stuff to dry and then the rugs go down.

Gee, I can’t believe I have sunk to the point that I am offering blow by blow action on the housecleaning.

SIL left after staying about an hour and 45 minutes.  I guess that’s all she felt she was capable of today.

John is at work having MORE company and a Holiday Open House today.  So I haven’t really heard anything from him.  Oh!  He did let me know yesterday that his boss convinced the bigger boss that he can’t live without him and not to move him.  That’s great, as she would have put him in a far away store in Pearland with a unit director that runs it who has been requesting him.  Loooong commute.

And the thing that tops off everything in this gripping tale that I know you aren’t the least bit sorry you tuned into:

Today I sewed a button on my pants, (are you ready for this?), WHILE I WAS WEARING THEM.

Damn, my days are something to just try to imagine….